Update 2.1.0 Patch Notes


  • Secret World Legends expands into a new region: Kaidan, Tokyo. Also known as Ground Zero, the events that took place here are what set everything you know into motion.  Once you have finished the story up past “What was Missed” (or “Whispering Tide”), your faction handler assigns you to visit the Council of Venice Headquarters to earn field agent certification.

  • New Elite difficulties of Scenarios have been added.

  • A new weapon skin category has been added to the Dressing Room, allowing for collecting and customization of weapon visuals. Whenever you bind a weapon with a unique appearance (or “skin”) to your character, you learn that skin.  Skins for all weapons you currently possess and have bound to your character at the time of this update will be added to your dressing room.



  • A report option has been added to the chat menu when right-clicking on a player’s name. This feature allows players to send an automatic report to Customer Service for offensive behavior in chat. Reporting a player with this option will automatically add them to your ignore list.
  • Any un-used Custodial Relics have been converted to Expired Custodial Relics. These can be used to gain 1,000 Anima Shards.
  • Whispering Tide achievements have been converted to Eternal Echoes.
  • Fixed an issue where the client would crash when pressing Ctrl+Z while the Group Finder or Teleport windows are open.
  • Fixed an issue that could occasionally prevent players using the Steam client from logging in immediately after logging out or disconnecting.
  • Clicking the anima shard icon on the topbar will now open the wallet UI.
  • Fixed an undiscoverable anima well in The Besieged Farmlands.
  • Fixed a blank message popup that would appear when attempting to consume a clothing set you already own.
  • Draculesti Legend #8 has been moved to an accessible location.
  • Updated the source text for the Young Vargr pet.
  • Regional lair bosses now require one essence to summon the boss. Playfield bosses still require five.
  • Fixed an issue where Auction mails would not deliver properly when buying a listing from someone on your ignore list.
  • The Dramaturge achievement now awards correctly on collecting all Albion Theatre legends.
  • Fixed an issue where nametags from players would disappear when they die and resurrect close to you.
  • Being mounted while strafing onto a jump pad now properly launches the player.
  • Dreyugr Lord claims to have no heart. After a brief sword-aided interrogation and a lot of blood, we have proven he has a heart. He will again (sometimes) drop his heart upon death.
  • The Mayan Warpaint and Clown Nose museum items no longer state they require 50 AP to use.
  • The lore and achievements menu will now open to the last found lore or last earned achievement.



  • Spirit Blade has been reworked and will no longer decay over time. Instead, when activating Spirit Blade, your next 10 Blade attacks will deal bonus damage. Reforging your Spirit Blade while the damage bonus effect is active will give you additional empowered attacks.
  • The Soulforged Blade passive for Dancing Blade now adds 3 attacks of Spirit Blade damage.
  • The Hardened Blade passive for Swallow Cut now has a 30% chance to deal bonus damage without consuming a Spirit Blade charge.
  • The Rhythmic Blade weapon has been changed to have a chance to grant additional charges of Spirit Blade damage whenever you gain charges of Spirit Blade damage. The amount gained and the chance to gain them scale with the amount of charges added. For example, when adding 1 charge, there is a 31% chance to gain 1 additional charge. When adding 6 charges, you always gain 2 additional charges.
  • Fixed an issue where Grimoire of Foul Gods was dealing bonus damage for each hit of Maleficium instead of obeying the 1 trigger per second rule.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Assault Rifle passive ability Secondary Explosion to not trigger from Incendiary Grenade.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Revenant summoned by Shadow-Bound weapons to be targeted by enemy attacks.
  • Vampire blood stocks will no longer keep characters permanently in combat.
  • Chaos Doppelgangers and other combat assistants (such as Mnemonic Guardians and Revenants from Shadow-bound weapons) now stop attacking when their target dies or becomes unattackable.
  • Fixed an issue where several gadgets were incorrectly triggering the global recharge time when used.
  • Enemies who are immune to crowd control, such as dungeon bosses, no longer are affected by crowd control diminishing returns. What this means is that any time a boss is casting an interruptable attack, any player can interrupt it without worry of affecting the boss crowd control resistance for their next interruptable attack.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs who were immune to crowd control would gain diminishing returns even when not affected by the crowd control effect.
  • The default duration of crowd control effects applied to crowd control immune enemies is reduced by 50% in light of the above change.
  • You will now get the healing from your healing potions that are used while stunned or knocked down.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the bonus effect from Otherworldly Artifact to not function properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the healing from Signet of Cruel Delight was bypassing the penalty from high Corruption / Martyrdom levels.



  • Added a number of missing map markers throughout the story missions.
  • Fixed a few objects in The Savage Coast to no longer be active when not on the requisite mission.
  • Fixed a door in London that was active when players were not on the requisite mission.
  • Anastasia will now appear on the Shadowy Forest map when she has quests available.
  • Fixed two sections of Mortal Sins where the enemies were spwaning at the wrong level.
  • Fixed enemies that were spawning ar the wrong level during tier 4 of Dead Air.
  • Fixed enemies that were spawning at the wrong level during tier 5 of the The Binding.
  • While on the mission Sparke to Life, Mummies now drop the Mummy wrappings item to the ground instead of to loot bags. Mummy wrappings picked up from the ground can be deleted from inventory.
  • Killing the Draug Warmonger quickly will now give credit for Elm Street Blues as expected.
  • Reduced the respawn time of the Tunnel Overseer, Slur Assault Coordinator, and Pumping Station Coordinator.
  • The Siege of al-Merayah will now properly reward Anima Shards.
  • Adjusted the detection radius of the second security camera in The Pick-Up to more accurately represent its light.
  • Fixed an issue in The Haunting where Ella would appear regardless of when the basement door was used.
  • Removed a confusing message popup that would sometimes appear when using the CHECMATE Laser Designator, as well as increased its damage.
  • Fixed an issue preventing multiple attempts of the Besieged Farmlands lair mission Conservation.
  • Fixed an issue with Who Horrifies the Horrors where leaving the werewolf attack areas would not properly reset mission.
  • High latency should no longer make using the music box more difficult during Last Dance of the Padurii.
  • Capturing music during Last Dance of the Padurii now solves for all members in a team.



  • Players must now wait 5 minutes before any vote kick or vote to retreat can be initiated in dungeons or scenarios.  This does not apply to private teams.
  • Increased the average XP rewards for opening chests in Elite 1-10 dungeons and scenarios. In addition, the minimum amount of XP that can be awarded from a dungeon or scenario chest in a higher difficulty is now larger than the largest amount you could get from a lower difficulty dungeon. For example, the largest amount of XP that can be gained from a boss chest in an Elite 4 dungeon is 1,700 while the lowest amount of XP in an Elite 5 dungeon is 2,000.
  • Adjusted XP rewards in Story Mode dungeons similarly, however dungeons which are close in level range have overlap on the XP values per chest.
  • Renamed all distillate rewards to include the amount of XP they give in their names.
  • The damage dealt by Triggerthings in Hell Raised now scales up with consecutive explosions.
  • Fixed a location in Darkness War where it was possible to get stuck.
  • Mayans in the final encounter of Darkness War are no longer sometimes attackable while dead. Please stop beating up the corpses, they already have it hard enough!
  • Fixed a case where the Unbound Ak’ab in Darkness War could mysteriously duplicate.
  • Ak’ab swarmlings in Darkness War should no longer persist in the zone after a team wipe.
  • Fixed a case where blood pools from dead Ak’ab swarmlings in Darkness War would persist after the encounter had reset.
  • Fixed not getting the achievement for completing a Dungeon on Elite 1 if the first time the dungeon is completed is on Elite 5 or higher.



  • Militia now take 35% less damage.



  • Item lists in the right side panel of the dressing room are now sorted by items that are owned, then sorted alphabetically.
  • Added the Orochi Field Uniform to the clothing set section of the dressing room.
  • Combined the Rolled sleeve collared shirts and Rolled sleeve crosshatch shirts into the same category for male characters.
  • Combined the Short sleeve collared shirts and Short sleeve crosshatch shirts into the same category for male characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the green and blue/green Plaid kilt without sporran had their genders swapped.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing Suit pants, white was giving the wrong pants.
  • Moved the blue variation of Worn baggy jeans to Distressed jeans for male characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the green variation of the Female Long Leather coat was actually red.
  • Fixed some issues with the Western Boots category for male characters.
  • Renamed Plated boots for male characters to Armored Sneakers.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shoulderfree corset top would remove pants when worn.
  • Fixed an issue where Surgical gloves could be purchased even when already owned.
  • Demonic Jinn Grips now display the correct color in the Dressing Room.
  • Fixed an issue for male characters where purchasing the Pleated Tuxedo pants, black would give the white pants instead.
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