Letter from the Producer

Dear Secret Worlders,

Throughout these past five years, the team here at The Secret World has been so incredibly proud of the stories we’ve been fortunate enough to bring you, our community. That this world we share together has come so far is a testament to your passion and enthusiasm, for which we will always be thankful.

Today we’re writing to you to announce that The Secret World will be relaunching this spring as Secret World Legends, a shared-world action RPG featuring over 100 hours of story-driven quests and revamped gameplay and progression systems that will be completely free to play.

Years ago, we made the decision to remove the mandatory subscription from The Secret World so that more players could explore the incredible universe we were building. Secret World Legends is an extension of that philosophy, one which removes the hurdles for everyone to experience the mature storylines and uniquely challenging quest design that have set this game apart from day one.

Just as importantly, a dedicated relaunch gives us the opportunity to update the game in ways befitting a modern-day action RPG. This includes redesigning the combat system to make action feel more natural, making systems more intuitive to interact with, enhancing the game’s visuals, and improving the flow of quests overall, as well as the structure of the early game for new players.


You’re probably wondering how these changes will personally impact you and the game you’ve come to know so well. First and foremost, given the sweeping extent of the changes being implemented, Secret World Legends will reset story progression for anyone who joins, offering a fresh start for all players.

This will not erase your progression in The Secret World though! Secret World Legends will exist on a different server than The Secret World, meaning you will still be able to play your old character on The Secret World server. But we hope you consider starting anew in Secret World Legends to experience all the new content and updates coming to the game. We’ve made some major improvements to the game and server, so Secret World Legends will have its own client. You can have both Secret World Legends and The Secret World installed on the same computer and play either game at any time.

If you’re intrigued by Secret World Legends but don’t want to leave behind the things you’ve worked hard to attain in The Secret World, worry not: a free transfer process will allow you to move vanity items like Mounts, Pets, Vehicles, and other customizations that have been purchased through the item store from The Secret World to your characters in Secret World Legends. We’ll have more information on this process and which items will be transferable as we get closer to launch.

In addition, if you’re currently part of our Membership program, you can copy your membership from The Secret World to Secret World Legends. Any remaining time on your membership will turn into Patron time in Secret World Legends. If you are a Grand Master and link your account, you will be a Patron for life!


We’ll have a lot more information on what to expect from Secret World Legends for you soon, including a series of dev diaries and AMAs from the team working on the relaunch, so stay tuned for announcements on those in the coming weeks.

We’re also excited to announce that closed beta for Secret World Legends begins today, which you can sign up for HERE! The Secret World would not have been possible without the dedication of players like you, and we want to continue hearing your thoughts as we shape Secret World Legends. We hope you’ll join us on this next step in the adventure.


Scott Junior

Executive Producer

Secret World Legends

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