The TSW Legacy Transfer system is only available to those of you with an existing account in The Secret World. It allows you to:

  • Copy any remaining TSW Membership time into active Patron status time
  • Unlock all the weapon pages
  • Copy over Clothing & Vanity items!

Please note that only TSW accounts with a retail key in good standing (i.e., not expired trial/beta account, not suspended)  registered on or before June 22nd are eligible for the transfer.

This service officially ended September 4th. A second, vanity-only version of this service is now available for all accounts that were eligible for this service.


Your current TSW account has already been linked to Secret World Legends.

In order to login into Secret World Legends for the first time, simply use your TSW game login details and you’re all set!

Please note:

  • To be eligible for the TSW Legacy Transfer, you must log into Secret World Legends using your TSW credentials. Brand-new Secret World Legends accounts are NOT linkable to TSW accounts retro-actively.
  • Login details on existing TSW accounts remain unchanged, should you wish to log back onto TSW.
  • If you have forgotten your TSW account details, you can recover them directly from the Secret World Legends account page:   


For a limited time (until SEPTEMBER 4th, 2017), you can initiate a ONE-TIME copy of your current TSW clothing items and membership over to your Secret World Legends account.  Activating this also unlocks all of your weapon pages in Secret World Legends!

Once you log into your Secret World Legends account page, click the TSW Legacy Transfer button to begin the process. That’s it!


You get to choose exactly when your items and membership gets copied, but again, this is only available until some time in August.

  • To receive your vanity items, please reach Agartha with any character you create on your account, and then open your Delivered Items.  This may be found from the Menu in the top-left of your game window, or with the chat command “/delivereditems”.  If you successfully completed the transfer, there is a button labelled “Claim TSW Vanity” at the bottom of this window.  Click that to claim your items.



Almost every single article of clothing available in the dressing room of any character on your TSW account gets copied to your Secret World Legends account.  The only clothing items that won’t copy over are Faction uniforms earned through Faction Ranks.  Those can be re-earned through gameplay. “Faction Deck” outfits do not transfer from TSW; some have already been repurposed as rewards in SWL and others will be made available through other means down the line.  Additionally, the “Memory” outfits that represent the CG Characters (Rose, Alex, etc.) do not copy and will not be obtainable in Secret World Legends.

All clothing that copies over is available in the dressing room of every character on your Secret World Legends account.

There are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Clothing items must be in a Dressing Room or physically equipped by a character in order to be copied.  Unopened Clothing in your Inventory, unopened Item Store Claims, or unopened Delivered Items are not copied.
  • Clothing items are separate for female and male character models! To ensure that all clothing items can copy over from TSW, we recommend having at least one character of each gender model, with all potential items unlocked and collected in your Dressing Room.
    • This means that clothing items for male character models should be in the Dressing Room or equipped by a male character models.  Clothing items for female character models should be in the Dressing Room or equipped by a female character model.Example: If you have only one female character on your TSW account, but own a clothing set with both male and female costume parts, only the female model outfit will be transferred to Secret World Legends. If you want the male counterpart, make sure to claim this outfit on a male character in TSW before initiating the Transfer.
  • Faction items are separate items! If you own faction-exclusive items, you must have them in the dressing room or equipped by characters of the corresponding factions to have them copied.
  • Characters with items you want copied must be active (i.e., not deleted) at the time you initiate the Legacy Transfer.



Apart from clothing, here’s a rundown on how other cosmetic items work with the Legacy Transfer system:

  • All pets you currently own in your Pet Window copy over, with the exception of pets awarded from the Museum of the Occult, as well as the Guardians of Gaia “Shem” pets.
  • All Sprint Styles and Mounts you currently own in your Sprint Window copy over, with the exception of the Franken-Chopper.  Current owners of the Franken-Chopper instead receive the new “Speed Demon” bike in Secret World Legends.  The Franken-Chopper is now a reward from a mission obtained from Moose at Level 50.
  • Achievements you earned in TSW do not copy over, although any clothing rewards you earned for completing those achievements do copy over.
  • Titles are not a part of the Legacy Transfer system and do not copy over to Secret World Legends.

We know many of you had questions about this process, and we hope this answers them! If you have any additional questions, or if you require assistance with your account, please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Service at or

Thanks for reading!  We’ll see you ingame soon!

-The Secret World Legends Team

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