A Message from the Customer Service Manager

Throughout my time at Funcom, we’ve maintained a very opaque demeanor with our players. We’re changing that today. The high volumes generated by Secret World Legends have pushed us to require direct, up-front, transparent communication with you all. Thank you for your understanding.


Live Chat is for Urgent Payment Issues Only

We will be happy to help with failed payments, basic payment troubleshooting, and redirection to the most effective path to success. This means that when our Customer Service Reps reach the end of their ability to help you, they’ll make that clear to you and effort to redirect you to avenue that will be most beneficial to you. This will help us help more people. This will help us help you.

In Game Petitions are for Mission Critical or Progress Blocking Complications

If you find yourself unable to complete a mission or stuck in geometry, we desperately want you to let us know. We don’t want anyone to be figuratively or literally stuck in our games. If you are unhappy with a Sprint you bought 2 days ago, we will not be able to assist you with this in a petition. At this time, we simply can’t spare the resources to reallocate your Aurum and Marks of Favor. We want to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy the game; this petition policy is how we help reach those players stuck with a bugged out mission in their first 3 hours of playtime. This is how we help people that need it most.

You can visit help.funcom.com to have your mistaken purchase reviewed; this is not an assurance that we will fix your mistake, but if it is going to get fixed it will be through email, not petition.

We’re Sorry

This isn’t the service that our dearest customers have grown accustomed to. This is what we’re doing to try and be most efficient with our time. I hope that you all understand the pressure we’re under and how many people we’re trying to help. This has been such an incredible launch that it’s changing how we are able to help you. Thank you so much for coming out. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you so much for your passion for our game. We will continue to grow and get better at this. We will do our best to serve our customers.

-Chris T

Customer Service Manager

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