Launch Downtime Compensation

Hey everyone!

I’d like to take a moment and apologize for the extended downtime on Sunday, and the frequent downtimes due to patches this week. After yesterday’s downtime the Exchange and Auction House are now open and functioning properly. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding while we got these issues sorted.

We are committed to keeping the amount and duration of downtimes we have on Secret World Legends to a minimum. This past week we have not met that standard so we would like to extend compensation to all players that had an active account before the last downtime on June 29th. For everyone eligible when you log into your account you will have the following bonuses in your Delivered Items inventory:

• 25 AP

• 25 SP

• 10,000 Marks of Favour

• 4,000 Anima Shards

• Superior (Blue) Talisman Fusion Catalyst

There are a few details/restrictions on these items. The compensation items can only be claimed by 1 character on your account. In addition, they must be claimed within 7 days of this post.

Also, due to an issue with AP and SP caps we will be temporarily increasing the caps from 50 to 150. This will remain in effect until we fix a bug that can cause AP and SP to reset to the current cap (in this case, 150).  In the meantime, don’t go above the 150 cap!

Thank you to everyone that has joined us for launch week. It has been an amazing week and we are incredibly happy to see so many people playing Secret World Legends!


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