Kiss of the Revenant Ending July 28

Hi everyone,

We have an important update about Kiss of the Revenant and its rewards.  Many of you have asked us for information or assistance because you participated in the game but haven’t yet received your rewards.  Here are details on what’s happening:

  • Kiss of the Revenant ends on Friday, July 28th–this day is your last chance to play and register your email address for rewards.  
  • After the 28th, Kiss of the Revenant’s site will turn off.  The key giveaway is closed after this.
  • The final wave of reward keys is to be sent out on Saturday, July 29th via email.  

Everyone who was eligible for rewards, including those that may have already received a key prior to this, will be sent a mail.  This is to ensure that everybody gets their key!  If you’ve already claimed your rewards, you may safely disregard this email.  For everyone else, please check your spam filters on Saturday!

If you attempt to register an email address and receive a message stating that it’s already registered, then you should be fine–a key will be sent via email on Saturday.

If you have any questions or further issues with this, please contact Customer Service or contact us directly through Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Reddit, etc. and we’ll work to clear things up for you.  Previously we said to contact a separate email address–this is no longer the case.

We apologize for any confusion caused during this game and we hope you’ve enjoyed Kiss of the Revenant and its rewards in Secret World Legends.  

For those that aren’t familiar with Kiss of the Revenant, check it out here:


Thanks for playing!

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