Funcom Point to Aurum Exchange Now Available

The Funcom Point to Aurum Exchange service is now available. This service is provided for players that were playing The Secret World and then switched to Secret World Legends. The exchange will allow those players to convert their recently purchased Funcom Points to Aurum.

This service will be available from today (August 18, 2017) to September 4, 2017. At that point both the Funcom Point to Aurum Exchange service and the TSW Legacy Transfer service will be disabled.

To take part in the exchange you must be playing on a copied Secret World Legends account (ie there is a TSW account that your account was created from).


  • This service exchanges all your eligible Funcom Points to Aurum. There are no partial exchanges allowed.

  • The max amount of Funcom Points allowed to exchange is 12,000.

  • Only Funcom Points purchased from July 1st 2016 to June 26th 2017 are eligible for exchange.

  • Bonus points are NOT eligible for exchange.

  • Funcom points to Aurum are exchanged at a 12 to 10 ratio. (1201 Funcom points exchanges into 1000 Aurum, with 1 Funcom Point remaining)

  • The exchange is not reversible

  • This process is a onetime event and cannot be repeated

  • You MUST have at least 1 character on your Secret World Legends account to use this service.

The service is available here. Log in to your account and click the “Funcom Point to Aurum Exchange” button under Account Services. Follow the directions on screen.

Please note that this service may take up to 10 minutes to deliver the Aurum in game. The process will work if you are online or offline.

If you have any questions, Customer Service can help you via Live Chat.

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