Raid Update: Now Available

Experience Secret World Legends’ First Raids


The Manhattan Exclusion zone is now available for daring agents seeking thrills and danger!  Also known as “New York Raid” or simply “NYR”, you are tasked with neutralizing big trouble in the Big Apple.  

In keeping with our commitment to allow everyone to experience Secret World Legends’ story, the raid features multiple difficulty levels so players of all backgrounds have an opportunity to defeat the Unutterable Lurker, the massive foe encountered at the end of the tutorial mission.

The rewards for defeating the Lurker are many; look out for new achievements with new pet and outfit rewards, plus brand-new Extraordinary Weapons and Talismans with new effects!  Earning rewards from the raid does not require any keys nor tokens, but does have a timed lockout.  Patronage does not affect this lockout timer.  

The only requirement to enter the raid is to reach Level 50.  The raid is accessed through the Activity Finder (Shift+V).  


Lair Megabosses: Now Available

This endgame-focused update features Lair “Megabosses”, powerful 40-person raid monsters that are summoned in Agartha.  The items required to summon these foes may be found by defeating Regional Lair bosses.  

For those that aren’t familiar, Lairs are high-level areas aimed for coordinated groups, and are indicated on the playfield map by burn marks over areas.  Lairs are currently found in all outdoor playfields within Solomon Island, Egypt, and Transylvania.

When you obtain a Megaboss summoning item, you may go to the “Public Raid” portal in Agartha where the Whispering Tide took place.  When on this platform, the item may be consumed to open the portal.  

When the portal opens, the summoner’s group is automatically teleported into the raid, and any nearby Cabalmates of the summoner are then prompted to enter the raid with them.  The portal is then open to the public after a short period of time, and closes once 40 people are inside.

When defeated, a Megaboss drops a chest that may be opened by everybody that participated in the encounter.  Opening this chest costs 1 Lair Key.  The summoner of the encounter receives additional rewards at no additional cost!


There’s no better time than now to do your first raid with the new Story Mode difficulty! Click here for the full patch notes!

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