Tokyo: Beyond the Wall

The Quarantine wall has been breached. You’ve gone Back to the Beginning; now seek answers that lay Beyond the Wall.  Uncover the secrets of the Fear Nothing Foundation, the Morninglight, and the Orochi Corporation–and their links to the mysterious rabbit-hooded killer.  

Who is she?  

What is she?

The infested sectors beyond the wall feature hours of additional content, including new characters, locations, and a captivating storyline that dives into the rabbit-hole and never looks back.

To the east, the CDC camp: When the spread of an unknown pathogen first took hold, a wall went up around Kaidan to help contain the spread.  By now, you know this was a futile effort. The trail of the rabbit is still warm here.

To the south, Orochi Housing Projects: Formerly an industrial area, Orochi flattened the land and constructed affordable housing for their families.  They had it all–a a train station, a beautiful waterfront park, and a specialized kindergarten system.  Where did the best and brightest of the Orochi progeny go from here?

West of there, the Kaidan Docks: Once a bustling shipping area, the docks are now overtaken by something strange creeping out from a derelict freighter nearby.  Through your missions, you may find keys to one of the many shipping containers located here–the contents of which are yours for the keeping, provided you’re prepared to face what lurks inside.  

A nearby train line leads the den of the eight-headed serpent itself: the Orochi Tower.

Back downtown, the “dream hotel” known as the Dream Palace manages to keep its lights on “come rain, come tsunami, come the falling sky.” in the words of its mysterious caretaker, Kaoru.  How does such a place remain in business amidst the disaster in Tokyo?

Dive into hours of additional content and new areas to explore with this FREE content update!  

…and remember, the rabbit is respected. The rabbit is feared.  And the rabbit gets answers.



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