Update 2.2 Patch Notes

MARCH 20, 2018


  • The Topbar Shop has been redesigned to allow for more items and easier navigation.
  • A news page has been added to the Daily Login Rewards UI. It is possible to switch between the news display and the login rewards using the arrows in the upper right corner of the UI.
  • Made some adjustments to improve stability of servers.


  • Agent Network has been added to the topbar menu.
  • Clicking the spot where the Agent Network notifications appear on the topbar will no longer open the Agent Network UI if there is no notification visible.
  • Agent passives are now saved in the Build Manager.
  • Agent missions with faction specific text will now only appear for players of the appropriate faction.
  • Added a new Agent Network achievement: Greenhorn, for completing the first non-tutorial agent mission. This achievement awards an Agent Dossier, and will be awarded to players already playing the Agent Network on your next completed mission.
  • Increased the size of close buttons in the Agent Network UI.
  • Added a button to the active missions panel in the Agent Network UI to allow players to view currently available missions, even if all mission slots are currently occupied.
  • Added a display to available mission slots in the Agent Network UI for the total mission duration.
  • The reward displayed in the agent mission overview has been adjusted in some cases to highlight the most desirable reward the mission offers.


  • Players may see a token named “Credit of Ca’d d’Oro” in their wallet.  This is not intended but is purely a visual issue; there is no way to obtain these tokens and they do nothing. This visual issue will be resolved in the next content update.
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