Dawn of the Morninglight Now Available

You’ve laid low in the limelight for long enough; now it’s time to spring into action. Time to Infiltrate the Morninglight stronghold in South Africa. Time to find answers – to find Marquard. After this long, it’s gonna take a lot to take him away from you.

Dawn of the Morninglight is the free continuation of Secret World Legends’ story, set after the events of Kaidan and your ascent through Orochi Tower. If you’re done with the Tokyo storyline, you’ll receive an SMS from a mysterious sender, kicking things off.

Meet new characters and reacquaint with some old favorites in all-new, fully voice-acted missions and cutscenes! Naturally, with new content comes new stories, monsters, and rewards – all inspired by real-life South African folklore.

For you intrepid globetrotters, there’s also the Dawn of the Morninglight Collector’s Edition! This package features an exclusive pet, cosmetics, and a Special Agent to command through the Agent Network!  

Welcome to New Dawn. Just mind the curfew, yeah?  


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