Tribal Cache Now Available

The clouds have parted and the frost has thawed; it’s just sunny skies ahead from here!  The Tribal Cache arrives on the scene, just in time for South Africa! The Tribal Cache replaces the Winter Cache as drops across the world.  

Each time you do not receive a pet, mount, or Witch Doctor’s weapon when opening this cache, your chance to receive one of these items is increased.  This increase resets when you receive one of these items.


Potential Contents:

  • Tagati’s Guard Dog pet
  • Serengeti Courser mount
  • Neo-Tribal Warrior outfit
  • Witch Doctor’s weapon Mk. III
  • Extraordinary Head Talisman (Luminous+)
  • Purified Weapon Distillate
  • Purified Talisman Distillate
  • Purified Glyph Distillate
  • Purified Signet Distillate


Additional contents:

  • Pure Anima Potions
  • Third Age Fragments
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