Celebrating Secret World Legends’ Anniversary: June 20 – July 17

Anniversary Event: June 20 – July 17

TRANSMIT – initiate the aurichalcum fever dream – RECEIVE – initiate twelve-point-three-six-zero-one cycles – HAVE YOU TRIED TURNING IT OFF AND ON AGAIN? – with legends begirding lore – WITNESS – The first anniversary of Secret World Legends!

The blade strikes twenty, the hilt strikes six. Initiate the reward protocol. Initiate the learning protocol. The Immaculate Machine provides!

Through these scant Ages, larvae swing sticks at sacrificial ornaments for glittering, glistening prizes within. The Machine provides! The Talos of matter and energy, for her children must play!

She hums with excitement. Her children buzz in anticipation.

What a wild year it’s been, agents. We’ve all been through quite a ride over the past year with the launch of Secret World Legends – experiencing soaring highs, aaaand some bumps along the road, but all in all keeping it together, thanks to you. We can’t thank you all enough for your love and support. You are all made of stars!

(Is that a good thing, actually? In this context, we’re not sure…either way, we love you!)

Anyway, let’s talk about the FIRST ANNIVERSARY EVENT!

ENGAGE – The Talos of Gaia:

  • The Talos of Gaia – The Immaculate Machine gives you treats, sweetling. She excretes life into hulking husks of matter and energy! Discover and play with one of 11 Talos of Gaia through the event portals in Agartha.  The portal will open approximately 2 minutes at the hour (e.g. 11:02, 12:02, etc.).
  • These golems will cycle in a fashion that will allow everyone to eventually see all 11 golems, even if you only have time to play for 1 boss fight per day.  Defeating the Talos will allow you to open the Buzzing Hive, an extra item you get every day alongside event login rewards! Plus, the Talos have a chance at dropping items to fill out your Museum of the Occult!  The legends needed to complete the museum are available (year-round) – it’s up to you to discover their locations around the world.
  • Shards of Corruption – The crystallized quintessence of corruption and rage lies at the heart of each Talos. The Gatekeeper may have use for them…
  • New Daily Event Login Rewards – Log in to receive a free special gift every day during the event, including THE MALUS RUN sprint! AARGH, NOT THE BEES!
  • Anniversary Cache – Chock full o’ new goods and remixed classics. Only available during the Anniversary! After the event ends, the Agarthan Cache will make its return.
  • Party Like It’s…2018 – Agartha is dressed up for the occasion with party favors and destructible piñatas you can smack for free loot!
  • New Emotes – The future is now:  You can elegantly sit cross-legged on chairs! This plus multiple variants on sitting with furniture and on the ground!
  • New Legends – Discover the brand-new Legends of the Talos, penned by the Scrivnomancer himself!
  • Other QoL Improvements – Click here to read the rest of the patch notes!

And in closing, here’s your moment of zen:

Cheers, friends. From the inky depths of our blackened hearts, THANK YOU for your love and support. Here’s to many more legends, stories, and dark days to come.

-the Secret World Legends team

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