Stonehenge Group Mode Now Available

Take a friend.  Or four!  Occult Defence is now open to teams of up to 5 agents, with tons of balance changes, tweaks, and even new challenges to face!

You can sign up for the updated Occult Defence mode by going to the Activity Finder (Shift+V) and looking for “Occult Defence -> Multiplayer”

Look for new accomplishments and achievements within Stonehenge, and see if you rank on leaderboards!

Wait, leaderboards?

That’s right — You’ve asked for them, now they’re finally here: Leaderboards are available for tracking the top 100 for total monster kills and Occult Defence performance!  You can see how many successful defences, total waves completed, highest wave completed, and now STREAKS for completing waves without stopping.

Do you stack up? See the rankings at []!

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