Update 2.1.0 Patch Notes

By funcom | August 16, 2017

AUGUST 31 FIXES GENERAL Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause Aurum purchases through Steam to fail to deliver. Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances Steam patron purchases would not apply properly.

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Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil To Produce The Secret World TV Series

By funcom | August 15, 2017

We are excited to share the news that Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil and G4C Innovation’s Gudrun Giddings have partnered to produce The Secret World, a TV series based on The Secret World and Secret World Legends! The TV series is based on the universe of the Secret World IP and centers on a team of undercover agents and the shadowy war…

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Gamescom Community Night!

By andyb | August 9, 2017

You’re invited!  The Funcom Community Team is in Cologne for gamescom and is calling upon all Conan Exiles, Secret World Legends, Anarchy Online, and Age of Conan players.  Let’s come together for a night of music, drinks, and partying! No entry fee, no ticket; just bring yourself! WHEN: 22 August 2017 – 7:00 PM local…

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Notes from the Steam Launch

By scott | August 1, 2017
Learn more about the future of Secret World Legends with Executive Producer Scott Junior

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for joining us for our Steam launch. It was great seeing old and new faces joining the community. Now, as some of you have noticed there were a few issues with yesterday’s version that caused some issues with Patron Status. The first issue was that if you were already…

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The Whispering Tide

By andyb | July 31, 2017

UPDATE AUGUST 14 The final portal of the event opens at 8:00 AM EDT / 12:00 PM GMT.  The aftermath begins approximately 1 hour after.   The scales have tipped. The Filth has entered Agartha, threatening the World Tree itself.  Shadows the size of planets gaze upon us and prepare their winged harbingers for invasion.…

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Brace Yourselves: Steam is Here!

By funcom | July 27, 2017

Secret World Legends (SWL) launched on Steam on July 31! Secret World Legends on Steam logs into the game with your Steam account.  There is no need to enter a username or password when you are playing with Steam. This article is intended as a heads-up on what to expect; this also allows you to…

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Kiss of the Revenant Ending July 28

By andyb | July 26, 2017

Hi everyone, We have an important update about Kiss of the Revenant and its rewards.  Many of you have asked us for information or assistance because you participated in the game but haven’t yet received your rewards.  Here are details on what’s happening: Kiss of the Revenant ends on Friday, July 28th–this day is your…

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Update 2.0.3 Patch Notes

By andyb | July 26, 2017

Hotfix: August 10, 2017 GENERAL The “Dramaturge” achievement has been granted to all players who were previously eligible but did not obtain credit.  The full fix for the achievement is scheduled for the next content update.  Players who should be eligible for the achievement but don’t receive it after today will receive credit after the…

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Update 2.0.2 Patch Notes

By andyb | July 12, 2017

  NEW Update 2.0.2 continues the main story mission following the events of “Mortal Sins”.  You will receive instructions on how to proceed if you have completed “Mortal Sins” and are on the mission “What Was Missed”. Investigate a rising threat, uncover secret Orochi facilities, and expose a crucial part of the story that sets…

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Patch Notes

By admin | July 6, 2017

July 6th, 2017 Hello all! Here are the latest changes and updates that went into the latest patch from today: Fixed an issue in Darkness War where enemy info was hidden when standing in certain locations. Updated the audio feedback when completing mission goals. Combatants should now be able to leave a Shambala match through…

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