Head Start: June 23rd

By andyb | June 9, 2017

Sweetlings, For all those who have played The Secret World or signed up for the beta of Secret World Legends, you are invited to a head start of Secret World Legends beginning on June 23rd!  You’ll be able to play the game in full before the official launch on June 26th. Simply visit https://www.secretworldlegends.com/ on…

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The Combat

By andyb | June 1, 2017

Hi everybody! Today, we’re aiming to de-mystify some of the mechanics and reasoning behind combat and abilities in the game.  We know that combat was a polarizing issue for many players in TSW, and understood that Secret World Legends was our chance to make combat feel more immersive, more responsive, and just plain old fun. First, check…

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What is Free to Play?

By andyb | May 26, 2017

Hi everyone! Lately, we’ve been getting a bunch of questions about just what “free to play” really means, so today we’re going into a little more detail about what that’s all about. WHAT IS FREE TO PLAY? First of all, the whole idea behind Secret World Legends is to be able to share this crazy,…

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What is Secret World Legends?

By andyb | May 9, 2017

Today we announced that we are releasing the game on June 26th, 2017! We wanted to take this opportunity to provide an overview of what Secret World Legends is. Ever since we announced the game we’ve seen a lot of questions and discussions about what this means to The Secret World and what people can…

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Letter from the Producer

By scott | March 28, 2017
Learn more about the future of Secret World Legends with Executive Producer Scott Junior

Dear Secret Worlders, Throughout these past five years, the team here at The Secret World has been so incredibly proud of the stories we’ve been fortunate enough to bring you, our community. That this world we share together has come so far is a testament to your passion and enthusiasm, for which we will always…

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Name Reservations

By funcom | March 28, 2017
Your Online name is a cornerstone on how you represent and express yourself.

Your online name in a game represents who you are, so we want to make sure that our current players in The Secret World (TSW) have a chance to reserve their name in Secret World Legends. On April 5th at 10:00 EDT (14:00 UTC) during the weekly downtime on TSW we will be renaming all…

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Announcing: Secret World Legends

By funcom | March 28, 2017

Funcom is excited to announce that their acclaimed story-driven game The Secret World will be relaunched this spring as Secret World Legends, a shared-world action RPG with completely revamped combat, a newly designed progression system, and updated visuals. The game’s full collection of missions and mysteries will be free to play, with over 100 hours…

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