Patch Notes

July 6th, 2017

Hello all! Here are the latest changes and updates that went into the latest patch from today:

  • Fixed an issue in Darkness War where enemy info was hidden when standing in certain locations.
  • Updated the audio feedback when completing mission goals.
  • Combatants should now be able to leave a Shambala match through the group finder’s « Leave » button. Leaving before the match is finished will apply a deserter penalty.
  • Scenario headers should now display as disabled in the group finder until you are level 50.
  • It is no longer possible to attempt to sell items from the cabal bank.
  • Fixed a case where makeup selection would start with the list scrolled all the way to the bottom.
  • Price that you will receive when selling items is now hidden until you meet the minimum sale price in the Auction House.
  • Fixed a case where it was possible to reach name selection during character creation without selecting a starting class.
  • Fixed a case where the names of hats and head accessories in the inspection window would display improperly.
  • Inspection window now closes when you enter reticule mode.
  • Removed « All » as an available search term for Auction House item types.
  • Auction House item type and item sub type dropdowns are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Mean Streets:
    • Proximity C4 now has 20 charges, up from 10.
    • Trying to pick up the notes while your inventory is full no longer breaks the mission.
    • Reworked assembling notes at the end of tier 4 to fix 2 issues where it was possible to assemble the note too early, or be stuck unable to assemble the note
  • Moved the cooldown timers on gadgets and potions down so that they are no longer obstructed by hotkeys.
  • Fixed two issues with Shadow in the Blood that could cause the various versions of it to cast too soon.
  • Resolved an issue where Six Line’s Mulligan passive would reset the cooldown of Six Line if any buff were to expire before getting a Double Red match rather than waiting for Six Line itself to expire.
  • Into the Inferno Revisited now rewards XP instead of Anima Shards.
  • Added a fifo when attempting to claim items from the auction house remotely as a non-patron that tells players to go to the auction house to claim their purchases.
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