Notes from the Steam Launch

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for joining us for our Steam launch. It was great seeing old and new faces joining the community. Now, as some of you have noticed there were a few issues with yesterday’s version that caused some issues with Patron Status.

The first issue was that if you were already a Patron with us, linked to Steam, and then logged in with the Steam client you were missing your Patron benefits. The version today fixed this.

If you were impacted by this, you received in game compensation (2000 MoF, 10 AP, 10 SP, 4000 Anima Shards), had all your mission cooldowns reset, and have an additional day of Patron on your account.

The in game compensation is available for 7 days so make sure you claim it soon! It can be claimed on one character per account and is accessed by the Delivered Items menu in game.

The second issue was with Patron purchased via Steam. If you purchased Patron on Steam before we patched this morning and canceled the recurring subscription in Steam, your Patron status would disappear ingame. This has been fixed with today’s patch. We also had some cases were players were charged a second fee for their Patron this morning. We have issued refunds on all of these transactions and fixed the issue so that it should not happen again. If you were charged twice the funds should be added to your Steam wallet already.

I apologize for anyone that was impacted by the above issues. Please let us know if you have any other issues with the Steam transition!


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