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Hey everyone!

First I want to take a moment to thank everyone that has joined us so far for Head Start.  The turnout has been fantastic.  There have been a few problems that I’ll address below, but overall the Head Start has been quite smooth for most of our players.  It is amazing having so many of our old TSW fans playing the game again.


Legacy Transfer

It’s great running around Agartha seeing people in their old TSW clothes and mounts!  Some people are having problems with the process though.  If this is happening to you, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Your account must be manually linked to your old TSW account to get your vanity items in SWL.  You can do that here: 
  2. Click the TSW Legacy Transfer button and follow the directions (please read them!).
  3. Once you have linked your account you need to retrieve them on your character in Secret World Legends.  You can NOT do this until you have gotten to Agartha for the first time!
  4. When you have gotten to Agartha you can get your stuff by opening up the main menu (top left), clicking Deliver Items, and clicking the Claim TSW Vanity button.
  5. You can do this on each character on your account.  You can also do it on any character you ever make on this account (even if it’s after the TSW Legacy Transfer process ends).  If you have linked your account before the program ends all current and future characters on the account can claim the items.
  6. This process can take a while.  If you are logged into the game when it completes you may need to completely log out of the game (close the client, relaunch it, log back in with your username/password).
  7. Finally, your account can only be linked if it was pre-copied from a TSW account.  If you made a new Secret World Legends account it cannot be linked to a TSW account.

That pretty much sums up the process.  If you have followed the instructions and given it enough time to process things should work smoothly.


Customer Service

Our CS department is hard at work to make sure you guys are enjoying your game experience.  Unfortunately, we are a bit swamped at this time due to the sheer number of people playing so wait times are longer than expected.

We will get to you as soon as we can!  In the meantime if the issue you are sending a ticket in for is not urgent please consider waiting until things have died down.  Launch is always incredibly busy so we want to make sure we prioritize people that are having critical issues (billing, payments, lost items, etc).

Also consider using in game chat if you are having problems.  The TSW community is pretty amazing, and I’m sure they will be just as helpful in SWL!


Character Slots

As an additional bonus for the TSW Legacy Transfer system we will be giving out 2 free character slots for everyone that links their SWL account to a valid TSW account.  This bonus will only be available during the Legacy Transfer window (ends in August).  Please be aware that you cannot have more than 8 character slots on an account!

If you have already linked your account, you will receive this bonus retroactively.  If you haven’t linked your account, you will receive the 2 bonus slots during the linking process.

You may have to relog after the process has completed to see the additional character slots.


Tomorrow we will be patching out a new version that includes some server crashes fixes, a client crash fix, fixes to some clothing errors, and a few fixes to some missions that could break when the servers were under a severe load.

Expect to hear exciting news from us early next week as we talk about what we have planned post launch!

Thanks again for playing!


Scott “nophex” Junior

Executive Producer

Secret World Legends

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