Hotfix – June 25 2017 and the Downtime

As you may have noticed the servers have been down for most of today. I apologize for the extended downtime. Early today we discovered an error that caused the Exchange to break which made quite an impact on the game. When you log in you will find that your character’s Aurum has been reverted to the amount it was at before this occurred. Any valid purchase of Aurum made after this point will also be applied. Marks of Favour / Cache Keys will be also be reset for some players that used the Exchange after it was broken. We have also banned a large number of players that took advantage of the broken Exchange.

The Auction House and the Exchange are temporarily disabled to give us more time to test the fixes to them. We hope to have both features back and working very soon!

We are very sorry for the amount of time the server was down and the impact the event has had on any of you. Once the situation is resolved we will be rewarding players with compensation for the downtime!

Thanks again for your patience!




  • Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause a server to crash after a player disconnects or changes zones
  • Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause the community server to crash
  • Reduced the population caps for London, New York, and Seoul
  • Added a dismount button to the Hover-Tech Stealthboard


  • Fixed an issue where the confirmation popup when purchasing passive skills with Aurum was referencing Marks of Favour
  • Made a few improvements to the feedback provided during Fusion
  • Fixed a case where some dialog boxes could be opened multiple times, creating the impression that they would not close after being opened.
  • Fixed a case where the character sheet was not releasing keyboard focus
  • Removed a case where you would get a warning popup for empowering a glyph or signet in a max level talisman or weapon.
  • Fixed a case where the My Sales number in the tradepost could be inaccurate.


  • The Degradation debuff will now properly increase damage taken.
  • Fixed some issues where a media popup during the Live Free, Die Hard mission was not displaying properly in German and French.
  • Resolved some rare cases during the tutorial where players remain on the incorrect mission step once they arrive at the Ground Zero Flashback or once they have opened their talisman bags in the Waking Dream.


  • Crooked Stovepipe Hat should now show up under the hat category in the dressing room.
  • Snake Skin outfit should now be visible for male characters.
  • The Smooth claw amulet should now be visible for female characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hippie shades gold with rose tint were not showing up in the dressing room.
  • Fixed an issue where the female Santa’s Little Helper outfit was showing up as a hat.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cervine headdress was displaying in the wrong category of the dressing room.
  • Fixed a number of clothing items that were displaying the wrong gender for the character.
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