Update 2.0.3 Patch Notes


  • Infernal Caches are now dropping across the world!  Infernal Caches replace Agarthan Cache drops, introducing chances at new fire-themed cosmetics and weapons.  Be on the lookout for other new Caches in the future!  

  • Daily Challenges now reset at 3:00 AM EDT / 07:00 GMT.  This is to have them reset at the same time as Daily Login Rewards.

  • Reduced the Auction listing duration to 3 days.

  • Removed the limit on how many items can be sold on the Auction per day.

  • The listing fee and commission for Auction Sales has been adjusted to 10% for non-patrons. The listing fee and commission for Patrons has not changed.
  • Fixed an issue where the teleport window required the corresponding amount of Anima Shards to use for patrons.
  • Updated a number of Interaction UIs to more accurately represent the action being taken.
  • Fixed various Dressing Room and clothing issues.
  • Updated description of Main Mission challenges to explicitly include Scenarios and Dungeons. This is a text-only change, they always counted.
  • Removed a confusing FIFO when approaching The Gatekeeper in Agartha.
  • Heavy Metal and Foundations have moved from the City of the Sun God side mission achievement to the City of the Sun God investigation mission achievement, to match the standard followed by the rest of the side investigation missions.
  • Savage Coast’s Talk of the Town achievement no longer incorrectly updates the Sherlock meta achievement.
  • Mnemonic Guardians can now be sold to free up inventory space.
  • Fixed an issue with weapon visuals showing up when they shouldn’t.
  • The Communications Specialist at Lisa Hui’s camp will now buy and sell goods.
  • A Council of Venice delegation has setup a small fortification at Innsmouth Academy. Their Apothecary will buy and sell goods.
  • A Wabanaki Scout has been spotted keeping an eye on Red’s Bait and Tackle. He will buy and sell goods



  • Updated two alarm ambushes in Savage Coast to spawn the appropriate level enemies.
  • Reduced the amount of XP gained from mob kills at level 40 and higher.
  • Added a missing map marker for The Coveters.
  • Added missing collision to a Temple Door in Black Sun, Red Sand.
  • Updated a map marker location for Last Will and Testament.
  • Raiding Warmonger will no longer reset when stunlocked during Scrapyard Defence.
  • Gravity has been given a significant overhaul to improve the gameplay flow and feedback.
  • Benevolent Conspiracies has been given a significant overhaul to improve the gameplay flow and feedback.
  • Mean Streets has been reworked to improve the overall flow.
  • Manifestation of Amir should now properly follow the summoner during Way of Things.
  • Akhenaten now properly shows the uninterruptable overlay on his cast bar.
  • Rebalanced damage done by the water in Cost of Magic, and tweaked placement of several props to reduce likelihood of sliding off a prop into the water.
  • Made using the flare easier during The Draculesti.
  • Filthy Fauns and Filthy Werewolves now have an indicator for their post-death explosion.
  • The heal over time effect Vivified, used by Chemical Super-Soldiers, can now be purged.
  • Guards are now a little less perceptive in The Prisoner.
  • Guards now have a shorter range on their basic attacks in The Prisoner.
  • Guards will no longer rudely spam the chat window in A Time to Every Purpose.
  • Guards no longer remember the player after the player is caught in A Time to Every Purpose.
  • Reduced the respawn timer and increased the population of Mummies for Mummy Issues.
  • The bonus mission Nocturnal Worship will now give credit when killing the nearby Shambling Priests.
  • The mission and goal text for Silent Trickster no longer refers to the bog.
  • The Hadean Guards always get full health when one of their number dies.
  • The Unbound Ak’ab will no longer lose CC immunity after burrowing.
  • Guts Trawlers now have appropriate health for their level.
  • Death Squad vampires are no longer self-proclaimed Block Rating Experts.
  • Reduced the evade chance bonus from the vampire ability Quick Fade to 10%.



  • Fixed an issue which caused Efficiency bonuses on weapons to not affect the Chaos elite ability Immutable.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Warrior’s Spirit to not generate Chi when Spirit Blade expires.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the damage from the Blood Magic passive Curse of Destruction to not appear in the combat log or floating combat numbers.
  • Attacks that purge will now do so before dealing their damage. This change does not affect attacks that only purge during buffs that grant them this ability.
  • Fixed an issue where Wild Surge could aggro enemies from very far away.
  • Chaos Doppelgangers and Singularities no longer deal damage to enemies with reflective barriers active.
  • Re-worked most of the special interactions between Maxwell’s Demon and Infernal Apparatus. This passive and unique weapon should work together completely now without any special cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lingering Frost passive wouldn’t work with Infernal Apparatus.
  • The heat you would have lost for the first two second of the Infernal Apparatus buff because of Lingering Frost will now be subtracted from your current heat after the Infernal Apparatus buff ends.
  • Supercooler now functions while Infernal Apparatus is equipped. Supercooler cannot remove heat for 2 second duration of Infernal Apparatus.
  • The Efficiency weapon affix will now function when using healing abilities.




  • The Item Power requirements to enter the elite 2-9 dungeons have been reduced. We want players to be able to challenge themselves while also protecting other players from having ill prepared team mates. This is a balance we want to maintain and will be updating these requirements based on feedback in the future as well.
  • Improved the distillate reward chance weighting for final bosses and rare chests in level 50 story mode dungeons to make them more competitive with the distillates gained from the first 5 bosses in the dungeon.
  • Disabled several team-wide effects from functioning fully when used while in the anima well after dying during an active dungeon boss fight.

Hell Eternal

  • Lustrehunter should now be more responsive after being interrupted, when deciding whether to fight or flee.
  • Lustrehunter will no longer Fallback to the point he is already at.
  • Fixed being stuck in combat after defeating the Lustrehunter.
  • Increased the health of Flagellatrix Superior.

Hell Fallen

  • The final boss’s Dungeon Reward Chest will no longer interfere with the final cutscene.

Darkness War

  • Changed Wayeb-Xul’s basic attack to physical damage so it won’t kill tanks in one hit.

The Ankh

  • Re-worked the damage of Full Clip on 5+ difficulties.

Hell Raised

  • Re-worked attack speed and damage values of the Traumadriver.


  • Fixed an issue with Cryo Remnants in Slaughterhouse infinitely attacking players after their deaths.



  • Missions for The Castle and The Hotel now clean up properly when abandoning an in-progress scenario.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing scenarios to count as 2 main missions for challenges. They are intended to count as 1.
  • Fixed mission send reports sometimes not having flavor text in Scenarios.
  • Bear Arms can now be used to arm a survivor.
  • Bear Arms, Turret, and First Aid Kit now automatically equip in open slots on the quick access bar.
  • Buff stations now display the available buff until it is consumed.
  • The operator is more closely watching the saboteur, and will now announce every time an explosive device is placed, instead of just the first time.
  • Leaving a scenario after the final boss has been killed will no longer apply Deserter.
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