Update 2.1.1 Patch Notes

HOTFIX September 8 2017


  • Reduced the amount of XP needed to level up Legendary Signets and Glyphs to 100,000 per level (was 280,000). Any existing Signets and Glyphs affected by this change should automatically be updated to their new higher level.
  • Added missing text on the confirmation popup when deleting a build in the Build Manager.
  • Fixed an issue where Mass Evulsion was not pulling enemies.
  • Fixed Enigmas being generated while using Enigmatic Apparatus not having a longer duration when used in combination with Long Term Chaos.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scalpel weapon skin would not unlock when binding the Scalpel Fist weapon. Players who have already bound the weapon can unlock its skin by empowering the Scalpel Fist weapon with any other weapon.


  • The lockout timer for the Manhattan Exclusion Zone raids has been adjusted so that it is now applied when loot is obtained for the first time each week. Players can now repeat the encounters throughout the week, and will receive reduced rewards.
  • Added a new icon to the Manhattan Exclusion Zone queues in the Activity Finder to indiciate whether a player has already received weekly raid rewards.
  • Whisper of Darkness damage in the Manhattan Exclusion Zone has been considerably reduced on Story Mode.
  • Updated the text on one of the Activity Finder eligibility requirements for the Manhattan Exclusion Zone raid to make it clear that the mission is given from the Paragon Activities board in Agartha.
  • The Unutterable Lurker will now have a chance to award the Condensed Anima Energy museum item.
  • Fixed a typo in the reward lockout timer for the Manahattan Exclusion Zone.


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