Update 2.1.3 Patch Notes



  • Updated feedback when attempting to reply to a mail before reaching level 10.
  • Updated feedback when attempting to create a cabal before reaching level 10.
  • Updated overlay of uninterruptible abilities on the nameplate castbar.
  • Using the unowned checkbox on the favorites tab of the emotes UI no longer hides all of your favorite things from you.
  • Hotkey display for the Ultimate Ability should now actually reflect the hotkey set in the controls screen.


  • Fixed a case where it was possible to complete Climbing Plethron during The Eight-Headed Serpent without unlocking Climbing Anansi. If you have your story mission on the objective “Complete Climbing Anansi” but cannot pick up this mission in the Orochi Tower Lobby, please contact Customer Support via /petition.
  • Fixed issue during Right Round where it could become impossible to kill a certain monster.
  • Summoning the Savage Dream now requires only one player to have its essence, and it is only removed from the player that begins the summoning.
  • Fixed issue with climbing point on Wetware overpass in Kaidan.
  • Moved Ginpachi Park Legend #5 and #6 to accessible locations.
  • Moved Reaping the Whirlwind Legend #5 to an accessible location.
  • Orochi Tech Legend #1 and #2 can now be found in the Orochi Tower.
  • Fixed issue where abilities would sometimes be greyed out after a hotbar swap.
  • Completing Spiral will now properly reward Anima Shards.
  • Fixed Sycoil 43 and 44 being switched in the Tower Cartographer achievement.


  • Abilities that damage or heal for 0 will now print to chat as well as display floating combat text.
  • Repeatedly attempting to consume an assault rifle grenade when no grenade is loaded will no longer spam the on-screen message.
  • Attemping to use Ophanim of the Awakened while it is locked will no longer put characters in combat stance with the ground target indicator.
  • Fixed issue which caused Chi gain from Supreme Harmony to cause situations where you could not activate Spirit Blade.
  • All Komainu area attacks can now be interrupted so that melee can be useful.
  • Namahage PBAoE PGE damage has been reduced and can now be interrupted.
  • Renamed Hata Okami to Hata Oinari (it’s a fox not a wolf).
  • Reduced the damage of the Hitodama Confluence’s PBAoE.


  • Collarless leather jackets can now be properly purchased and unlocked.
  • Updated preview thumbnails for Collarless leather jackets.
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