Update 2.1.3 Patch Notes


  • Everything comes to this: the way clear, the path open. Kaidan, the district of a hundred ghostly tales, has but one final story to tell: Enter the den of the eight-headed serpent itself–the Orochi Tower. The final chapter of the Tokyo storyline, the colossal Orochi Tower features hours of new story and gameplay content across over 20 sections, exploring all 8 Orochi subsidiaries.  Learn more here! 
  • The gates of the mysterious Kantoku Temple are now unbarred and unguarded. Were the temple gates originally sealed to ward off potential intruders, or was it to keep something in…?  Face new creatures inspired by Japanese folklore and mythology in a brand-new, never-before-seen Lair region, located in the northeast corner of Kaidan!
  • A new cache is on the scene! Fans of the venerable eight-legged arthropods rejoice; The Haunted Cache is dropping across the world! With it are chances at a Black Widow spider pet, the unsettlingly realistically-modelled Arachnoid Cycle, and “Araneae’s Recluse”, a brand-new 6-piece outfit!



  • Added a confirmation popup when consuming vanity items which are gained from caches.
  • Added a new emote “Bingo Blast” to the emote UI.
  • Rare loot chests outside of dungeons will no longer assume a dungeon appearance.
  • Added signet distillate rewards in addition to the signet granted to the team who summons a lair mega boss.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the weapon agnostic signets to be fused and gain bonus empowerment XP from other arbitrary signet types.
  • Weapon Skins and Clothing Bundles in the dressing room are now sorted by equipped first, then owned, then alphabetically.
  • Category list in the dressing room is now sorted by equipped first, then owned, then alphabetically.
  • The search box in the dressing room can now be used to search for colors. For example, searching for “red” will show every item for the selected clothing slot that has a red variant available.
  • The search box in the dressing room can now be used to search for weapon skins by name. For example, searching for “Bullpup” will show only weapon skins that have “Bullpup” in the name.
  • The search box in the dressing room can now be used to search for single pieces of clothing bundles by name. For example, searching for “Plated” will show all clothing bundles that have at least one piece of clothing with “Plated” in the name.
  • Fixed an issue where the cheer emote would play the wrong animation when triggered using the chat command.
  • Removed Show Tutorial Notifications option, since it no longer does anything.
  • Shift + F1 through F5 now allows you to select a member of the second team in a raid.
  • Scrolling through defensive targets will now scroll through the entire raid, not just your team.
  • Raid teams are now specifically sorted in the GUI so that the raid leader team is first, followed by the other team.
  • The Show hoverinfo interface option will now also toggle tooltips for items on the Quick Access Bar.
  • Dragging split stacks of items into the Mission Items inventory will now recombine them into a stack.
  • It is now possible to move items around on the Quick Access Bar.
  • Fixed an issue where items could take up more than one slot on the Quick Access Bar.
  • Removed options for scaling and hiding ultimate ability UI, since it is now part of the ability bar.



  • Food items such as tacos and hot dogs should no longer erroneously indicate that they can be sold for 1 Anima Shard.
  • Fixed a location in New York where is was possible to get stuck.
  • Updated the map marker for Tier 1 of Ravenous to be a bit more accurate.
  • Fixed an issue where some enemies were not providing credit when they should during Spectre Shrining Through.
  • Fixed an issue where some enemies were not providing credit when they should during Company Housing.
  • Fixed a specific goal of One Kill Ahead not allowing access to Yasuraka House.
  • My Bloody Valentine, Dead Stories, and Torn Pages are now properly assigned to the Kaidan category in the mission journal.
  • The Crawling Prayer now gracefully handles being killed too fast during My Bloody Valentine.
  • Reduced the healing The Crawling Plague receives from Healing of the Immaculate Slime in My Bloody Valentine.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed The Aspect of the Many-Limbed to sometimes resist some specific crowd control effects when she should have been able to be interrupted.
  • Fixed a rare case where Locusts that use Digestive Goop and Batter could stun players before they finished casting Batter.
  • Improved cartwheel functionality when manually triggering additional cartwheels at the laser grid during The Bank Heist.
  • Filth creatures during the first Bustin’ assault now count towards the area mission “Heart of Darkness”.
  • The area mission “Express to the Tower” should now count all monsters at the train station.
  • Fixed a case where Oni would sometimes viciously attack the air near a subway entrance.



  • Generic weapon non-specific signets have been improved! Generic signets that affect elite and basic abilities have had their values increased by 60%, while generic signets that affect power abilities have had their values increased by 10%. Generic signets that affect power abilities receive less of a bonus since they affect both primary and secondary weapon attacks.
  • Shard of Sessho-seki’s passive damage is now properly increased by the Signet of Matter Creation.
  • Kris Setan Kober gadget can no longer affect group members.
  • Supreme Harmony now grants 2 Chi when used. This Chi gain does not trigger the passive bonus from Master’s Focus.
  • Updated the description of Hone to display how long the effect lasts.
  • The bonus damage dealt by the Blade mechanic Spirit Blade has been adjusted. The amount of bonus damage dealt now scales based on the Blade attack being used. For example, 5 energy power abilities such as Dancing Blade and Tempest now cause Spirit Blade to deal more damage while basic abilities like Flowing Strike cause Spirit Blade to deal less damage.
  • Fixed an issue where if Dancing Blade were to generate a 5th point of Chi and you had the passive Soulforged Blade equipped, you would lose your 5 Chi for healing while your Spirit Blade was forged.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Entropy’s passive Dissolution to reduce the overall duration of Entropy by 2 seconds when it triggered.
  • Fixed The Mistress’s Bashosen not keeping enemies knocked down.
  • Reduced the bonus Crit Power on Demolish from Obliterate to 30% (was 35%).
  • Reduced the max health increase from the Pulverise rage bonus to 30% (was 45%).
  • Reduced the healing from the Percussive Maintenance passive to 6% (was 7%).
  • Updated the tooltip of Unbridled Wrath to reflect the new health values from Pulverise. The absolute increase from this passive is unchanged.
  • Increased the duration of the internal cooldown of Pneumatic Maul to 10s (was 9s).
  • Fixed an issue which caused certain healing effects, such as the healing from Regeneration with the passive Natural Remedy to heal team members who are in anima form.
  • Increased the ranges of Improvised ECT Instrumentation to 5 meters and Ultrasonic Anti-Personnel Cannon to 10 meters.
  • Fixed an issue with Cryo-Charged Conduit Elemental Magic weapon tooltips that caused several values to displayed incorrectly.
  • Reviewed all passive abilities and removed the penalty from being an AoE attack. The reasoning behind this is for consistency across all weapon passives and to allow for more build options in non-AoE fights. The following abilities have been affected by this change:

    • Assault Rifle
      • Enlarged Canister
      • Withdrawal
      • Slow Burn reduced to 2s due to changes to Incendiary Grenade (was 3s).
      • Lingering Essence
      • Reap Essence
      • Explosives Expert
      • Secondary Explosion
      • Ground Marker Rounds
    • Also removed the AoE penalty from the following grenade abilities since this weapon doesn’t have a single target option:
      • Incendiary Grenade
      • Anima Canister
      • Tactical Retreat
      • Essence Grenades
    • Blade
      • Eye of the Storm
      • Whirlwind
      • Deluge – now triggers every other hit in addition to the AoE penalty removal. The damage dealt has been adjusted due to the higher proc rate.
      • Sweeping Slice – now triggers on 2+ targets hit in addition to the AoE penalty removal.
      • Warrior’s Spirit
      • Masterpiece has been redesigned and now provides a percentage increase to Spirit Blade damage.
      • Apocalypse weapon damage bonus increased to 3.5% per Chi.
    • Blood
      • Paroxysm
    • Chaos
      • Mass Evulsion
      • Doppelganger’s Cacophony
    • Elementalism
      • Static Charge
      • Crystallised Blaze
      • Discharge
      • Volatile Current
      • Blast Wave
      • Elemental Force
      • Elemental Control
    • Fist
      • Frenzied Wrath ability: Shred
      • Invigorating Wrath ability: Revitalise
      • Invigorating Wrath ability: Invigorate
      • Potent Wrath
    • Hammer
      • Enter the Fray
      • Brawler
      • Bristling Rage
    • Pistols
      • Royal Flush
      • Rehabilitation
      • Bamboozle
      • Bullet Echo
      • Deadly Dance
      • Flechette Rounds
    • Shotgun
      • Fatal Funnel



  • Reduced the health of monsters in Elite 2-6 dungeons.

Darkness War

  • Wayeb-Xul’s ability “Concuss” no longer deals damage.




  • The chosen final boss is no longer affected by how many survivors are alive. The final boss is now randomly chosen from all available bosses.
  • Rebalanced the Possession event to bring it more in line with other hostile events:
    • There are now 2 possessions per wave, down from 3
    • It now takes 90 seconds for a survivor to be fully possessed, up from 60
    • Exorcising a survivor now takes 3 seconds, down from 4
    • The Expelled Spirit released during an exorcism will no longer use his column attack (cone attack unaffected)

The Castle

  • Adjusted the spawn location of bosses to bring the difficulty of this scenario more in line with other scenarios.
  • Effigy Z77 Vampire will no longer cast Lord of Veins and Royal Blood consecutively.
  • The leech effect of Lord of Veins has been reduced by 33.33%.
  • Attack damage of Lord of Veins when targeting players has been reduced by 25%.
  • Attack damage of Lord of Veins when targeting survivors has been reduced by 87.5%.

The Mansion

  • Fixed a bug that caused friendly snipers to not assist on this map.

The Hotel

  • Fixed a bug that caused friendly snipers to sometimes not assist on this map.



  • Fixed an issue where Slashed back fitted shirts would break female arms.
  • Fixed an issue where Unbound bloodied shirts would cause the torso of female characters to become invisible when wearing certain coats.
  • Added missing Collarless leather jackets to the Dressing Room.


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