Samhain 2017 – Ends Nov. 1 @ 9:00 AM EDT / 13:00 GMT

Halloween is Here!

Beginning October 18th through the 31st, you’re invited to a grand celebration of all things spooky, wicked, and fun: Samhain 2017! Collect exclusive mounts, pets, and costumes, fight in a killer public raid, and solve new missions!


Log in during the event for sweet free rewards, including the Geist Rider mount! What’s it going to be: trick or treat?


Jack’s Back (Again)

Boundaries between realms blur and intersect during Halloween, allowing otherworldly forces to more easily cross over–including into the Hollow Earth itself!  The insidious Jack of the Lantern has set his sights on the heart of the world tree, thirsting for its Anima and to claim its power as his own.  Not without its defense mechanisms, Agartha has isolated the threat and now it’s up to you to rally together and take Jack head-on.

Every hour, a portal near the center of Agartha opens, leading you and fellow agents deep in the tree’s branches where Jack has been captured.  In this 40-person raid, combat statistics are normalized through the Equal Footing effect, so anyone can hop in and contribute!  The only prerequisite is to have reached Jack Boone in the main story.  

When you defeat Jack, you are empowered with an Anima Surge, allowing you to open a Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern obtained from your daily event login rewards.  


Special Daily Login Rewards

In addition to daily login rewards, you receive additional special daily rewards for simply logging in during the Halloween event! The first reward is a FREE Geist Rider motorcycle mount!

Each day, you can claim additional rewards plus a Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern.  These Lanterns are locked by a mysterious force, but can be opened after emerging victorious from an hourly public raid in Agartha!

Each Lantern contains a spooky seasonal reward. Collect them all!



Seasonal Investigation: The Meowling & Cat God

Something strange has gripped the town of Kingsmouth; some force or presence is causing local cats to scream, rise, and claw at invisible curtains in the world. Madame Rogêt is in need of your assistance, especially regarding a certain someone’s collection of kittens.  Dig up clues and follow the trail to answers.

Exclusive Event Items for Sale

Special Halloween-themed cosmetic items are on sale and ONLY available during the event!  Get everything from clothing to mounts to pets from the Dressing Room, Sprint, and Pet windows for a limited time! Once the event vanishes into the night, so too will your ability to purchase these items!

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