Spooktacular Halloween Fashion Contest

Thank you all for coming out for the show on Saturday! Over 100 unique applicants participated in the show, and our instance of Agartha was poppin’ (seriously, it was pop locked) for a solid 4+ hours while we beat feat on the runway.  Choosing the winners was tough; congratulations to all!  We ran five total categories: Creepiest, Funniest, Couples, Cutie Pie, and NPC Lookalike.  Winners of each category received one Talisman Anima Imbuer (Brings any Talisman to “Radiant”-quality) and one A-Class storage container key (Tokyo shipping docks).

Everybody who signed up and participated in the event also got the Haunted Grin t-shirt in Black (or, if you were one of the lucky few who had it from the before-time, you got the white shirt).

Here are your winners (Click thumbnails for full view):


Lury as a Psychopathic Clown!



Eosphorus as Shaggy and Scooby Doo!



Valtiel & Kips as Micky and Minnie Mouse!



Dixiechic as “Trippy Hippie Dixie Pixie”!



Jaez as Inbeda!


Jaez’s Inbeda impersonation was picked as our grand overall winner for the contest as well, which means they get a physical print of the Halloween-themed Secret World Legends logo art:


Additionally, congrats to the winners of the stream chat raffle with prizes donated from you, the community!  You can watch the full stream recording here: https://go.twitch.tv/videos/185829532 (Warning: It’s a solid 3.5 hours long, so get comfortable)

Last but not least, thank you to Beyond the Veil, Allison “MadLyric” Grey, and Klaus “Vomher” Richter for their help organizing the event, and for everyone who showed up to make this possible. It takes a village, y’all.  You can catch Beyond the Veil’s podcast every Thursday at 7:00 PM EDT courtesy of Holosuite Media at https://go.twitch.tv/holosuitemedia.


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