Quality of Life Improvements

Glyph and Signet Recovery Discount

With the release of the Anima Allocation system, we understand you may want to experiment with glyphs and signets in your builds. For a limited time, all costs on removing glyphs and signets from gear are reduced by 80%!  This is in addition to the scaling cost changes in this update.  Discount ends the Monday after Thanksgiving (November 27).

Quality of Life Improvements

Your feedback means a lot to us. This update features many improvements based on what you’ve been saying and telling us over the past several months.  We have no intention to just stop here, either–we’re always listening and always willing to adapt to your needs.  There’s a ton to cover with this update, so you can read all the patch notes HERE, and we’ll hit on some key highlights:



The major feature of this update is the new Anima Allocation system.  We ended up designing ourselves into a corner with the way talismans were set up prior to this update; due to the way SWL’s character progression simply functions, it turned out that Healers and Tanks were in a less-than-ideal situation if they wanted to tackle any challenging solo content.  To counter this, we’re introducing a system that allows you to customize and fine-tune your stats to your liking.  In order to make this work, we had to make some major changes to Talismans and stats–for a deep dive into how the system works, please read the blog post here.



Something we’ve been asked for on numerous occasions was to allow for a way to transfer or otherwise recoup some of the XP invested in items when used for Empowerment.  Previously, no matter how much you pumped up an item, it gave the same fixed amount of XP when used as fodder; now, all weapons, talismans, signets, and glyphs which have gained XP grant a portion of their invested XP when used as fodder in empowerment.

This value is currently set at 40% of invested XP, but please note that Signets of the same slot (Neck -> Neck) will now qualify for the 2.5x bonus XP multiplier for Empowerment. All talismans of the same slot will now also provide 2.5x bonus XP when used in Empowerment.



We found Elementalism to be overly challenging when starting out due to the lack of heat management tools and underperforming at high levels.  Heat generation on damaging fire and lightning abilities are being reduced, and heat dissipation from cold abilities is being increased. Additionally, several passive skills were reworked to be valuable for damage in addition to heat management, and cold abilities generally deal increased damage.  



In an effort to increase the efficiency of each activity in terms of increasing your character’s power, we’ve added some of the loot from various activities into each activity’s loot chest.


  • Added Glyph Distillates to dungeon final boss loot chests.
  • Added a chance to gain a signet when opening dungeon final boss loot chests.
  • Added Anima Shards to dungeon final boss loot chests. The amount gained increases based on the difficulty of the content.
  • Added Talisman and Weapon Distillates to all Lair loot chests.
  • Added Anima Shards to all Lair loot chests.
  • Added Glyph Distillates to all Lair loot chests.
  • Added a chance to gain a signet when opening Scenario loot chests.
  • Added Talisman and Weapon Distillates to Scenario loot chests.
  • Added Anima Shards to Scenario loot chests.

We’re taking some of the Anima Shards from doing Tokyo shipping containers and spreading them around various activities instead. We’re also adding the potential for blue quality items to drop in scenarios, elite dungeons, and the Manhattan Exclusion Zone. The chance increases based on the difficulty of the content.


At this point, I may as well just copy and paste all the patch notes, so just read them all HERE and consume all that knowledge.  Thanks for reading!

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