Update 2.2.1 Patch Notes


May 8, 2018



  • Mobs – cel Rau, the Questioner in the Besieged Farmlands will no longer pace anxiously.
  • Achievements – The Purge – Fixed some hyenas respawning too quickly
  • Combat – Signet of Agility – Active Dodges that do not go on cooldown now properly interrupt/avoid Sniper attacks.
  • Crafting – Fixed glyphs showing errant xp when empowering items.
  • GUI – Fixed a case that could cause open world boss map markers to not clean up when the boss died.
  • AI – Improved behavior of a small set of monsters who do not move during combat (Neesh-Um, Research Assistant in The Ankh, and more). These monsters will now behave more intelligently and drop out of combat less easily.


  • Fixed a typo in the title “Unstoppable” that made it look like “Shadow Puppeteer”.
  • Jane Dagover will no longer sell you duplicate titles.

Agent Network

  • Mission chain progress is now retained when relogging or changing zones.
  • Fixed bonus rewards appearing with mis-matched traits. This is purely a visual change, actual rewards unchanged.
  • Dossiers purchased from Dr Caligari in Agartha can now be sold back for a full refund.



New England

  • Off the Menu – Fixed a case where Silent Trickster could become permanently invisible and unattackable.
  • Maine Chainsaw Massacre
    • Fixed some zombies not counting towards mission progress.
    • Updated to use improved hotbar and weapon swapping tech.
    • A visual and gameplay pass have been performed to improve both the look and feel.


  • Black Sun, Red Sand – It should no longer be possible to lose your story mission when entering Scorched Desert for the first time.
  • A Time To Every Purpose – Fixed a desync when crafting.
  • The Eye of the Dream for Tainted Dreams in Scorched Desert can no longer be used if you are on the goals to find or defend Hassan Kamil (Black Sun, Red Sand).
  • In the Dusty Dark – Fixed torches not being interactive after dying.


  • Root of the Problem – Moved map marker to more accurately match the quest area.
  • Selected Memories – The Type-X Reckless guarding the Secret documents in Selected Memories can be baited away from his post once again.


  • Korinto-Kai – Assault markers will now appear for the mini-mart defense.
  • Access Denied – Will now be properly removed from your journal when leaving the area.

South Africa

  • Pausing and resuming “Whitewashing” or “Vermin Cleanup Detail” will now cause the objects at the job board to properly respawn.
  • Whitewashing – Pausing and resuming will now cause the cleaning supplies to properly respawn.
  • Vermin Cleanup Detail – Pausing and resuming will now cause the objects at the job board to properly respawn.
  • Into the Fold – Improved French and German translations in Kirsten Geary’s SMSs.


  • The Ankh – Jumping to the platform at the entrance of will now properly update Pandora’s Box and Pandora’s Box Revisited.
  • The Polaris – The Varangian will no longer permanently electrify the water if killed too quickly.


  • Hostile Snipers
    • The grace period while a player character will not be targeted by a sniper is now visible in the buff tray, and is called Low Value Target.
    • Low Value Target – Increased duration to 22 seconds.
    • Low Value Target – Avoiding a sniper shot via Active Dodge further increases the duration of Low Value Target to 32 seconds.
    • Damage now scales with both the player’s Max HP, and the difficulty level of the scenario. Snipers can no longer 1-shot player characters.
  • Friendly Snipers – Damage done increased by 25%.
  • The Castle – Fixed supply crates sometimes spawning outside playable bounds
  • Fixed a case where mutated monsters and bosses would not appear on the map
  • Fixed a case where mutated monsters and bosses would not be removed from the map after death
  • Supply Drop – Bear Arms – Fixed blank message displayed when attempting to arm a Survivor with a weapon, but there are no unarmed Survivors in range.
  • The Hotel – Improved rubble collision to prevent IEDs being placed underneath rubble.


  • The damage from Vulkan’s Cryo Tank Release will now properly line up with the visuals.
  • Kaidan – Lair mission pickups are now displayed on the map.

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