Agent Writing Contest Winners

We recently had the joy of reading through over 100 entries for a contest where members of the community submitted their own idea for an Agent as a part of the Agent Network!

Four winners get some prizes as well as their Agent bio implemented into the game as actual agents one can command via the Agent Network, with one of those winners getting a custom-drawn portrait from one of our artists! Here are your winners:


Submitted by Statik

Name: “The Cleaner”
Gender: Male
Profession: CoV Occult clean-up crew
Age: 45

Physical Description: He’s seen things. Things with tentacles. He’s probably seen nearly everything. Large, sleep deprived, caffeine-strong eyes that have looked into the void. And then… mopped it up. He looks older than he is – his face is quite drawn and grumpy – this guy doesn’t sleep easy at night. And…he has a mop dun dun duhhhh

Agent Background: A long-term member of “The Janitors”, a special occult clean-up crew employed by the Council of Venice, this subject is well-versed in a lot of the happenings within The Secret World. He’s seen things. Things with tentacles. Armed with his trusty mop “Bessie”, he’s stared deep into the void… and mopped up whatever had just been spat from it. Subject has become bored and tired of finding new and creative ways to dispose of ex-Orochi employees, and feels his talents could be better used on a wider range of missions. He is willing to do almost anything to prove his usefulness.


Created by Samaritain

Name: Elin Bagge
Gender: Female
Profession: Banking Intern
Species: Human
Age: 22

Physical Description: A young woman with blonde hair in a proper pageboy haircut. Always puts on smart, rectangular glasses and a winning smile. Impeccably dressed in the standard B&D uniform with a white shirt, black sweater vest and blue trousers. Often seen with jewelry (pendant or earring) incorporating a ram symbol, reminiscent of the B&D logo and her surname. Has also been spotted speaking into some form of high-tech one-ear headset.

Agent Background:
Subject is currently interning at the much-renowned Bartleby & Daughters Banking Co. LLC. The enigmatic nature of the bank’s affairs requires a particular set of skills, including but not limited to extraplanar customer service, multi-dimensional accounting, non-Euclidean security measures and the occasional “liquidation by immolation” of various problematic assets. Subject reacts well to potential clients of wealth and taste. Alternatively, mentioning the “Blajini vault incident”, as yet unknown to her superiours, may get her attention.

Created by P-Dubs

Name: Rana Kader
Gender: Non-binary
Profession: Spy, Infiltrator
Species: Human
Age: Late 30s

Physical Description: They have a tawny complexion and hazel-green eyes. They have black hair, usually kept up in a simple knot. They have an androgynous appearance, with a well-defined bone structure that is covered by a half-mask over the bottom half of their face. Their still wear the purple uniform of a Phoenician operative.

Agent Background: Subject claims to be former intelligence operative for Phoenicians and to have operated as a spy and infiltrator, gathering sensitive information from many of the major factions within the Secret World.

The veracity of their exploits cannot be fully verified for obvious reasons; however, subject has demonstrated incredible aptitude with illusion magic, able to elude a wide spectrum of detection and security devices, both technological and arcane in nature. Appropriately enough, subject is an introvert, finding direct communication uncomfortable. Even during “face-to-face” debriefs, will prefer to maintain invisibility and report via handwritten response.

Subject severed ties with Phoenicians shortly after the Tokyo incident, claiming that “trying to make money from ending the world is madness.” Utilize angle of foiling Phoenician plots and undoing damage caused to keep subject engaged in mission.

Created by Chickenstew

Walter Malone

Physical Description: Grizzled looking fisherman

Agent Background:
Subject was one born of the sea, figuratively speaking. Always found the shore and ocean more like home than anywhere else. Captains a vessel called The Sea Sloth, where he spends much of his leisure time at sea fishing. Definitely one of wit and intelligence, and not to be underestimated just by his looks. If it needs doing then he will get it done one way or another. Subject also has a sly tongue and can bargain with just about anyone. Beware if if he approaches you saying “Feesh for Sale”. This man could sell a fish to a rock if he wanted to.

We’d like to extend a HUGE Thank-you to all who submitted their creations for this contest. It was incredibly difficult choosing from all your amazing submissions and we can’t wait to see the winners’ submissions in-game soon!

Until next time!
The Secret World Legends team

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