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It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this! If you’re just starting out in Secret World Legends and are looking for what to do, check out this quick start guide!


Secret World Legends is a story-driven, shared-world action RPG that plunges players into a shadowy war against the supernatural, where ancient myths and legends cross over into the modern day. Here’s some quick tips on how to maximize your experience:  

  • Take your time and enjoy the story! With over 100 hours of narrative content, Secret World Legends is about the journey, and not a race. Choose a setup that works best for you and have fun!  
  • Use the Auction House! Secret World Legends allows you to sell items to other players for a valuable currency: Marks of Favour.  Marks of Favour are earned through completing daily challenges and used in a variety of things. The Auction House may be found in the world’s central hub: Agartha.  
  •  The Exchange allows you to set up trades between Marks of Favour and another important currency: Aurum.  You purchase Aurum with real money and use it for cosmetics and game services such as additional character slots. 
  •   You can keep and upgrade items you find near the beginning to endgame! Even if you find gear that doesn’t suit your needs, you can use the Empowerment window (Y) to sacrifice items to make another item stronger.  
  • The ‘topbar’, a small section at the top of your screen, contains tons of useful information and tools.  You can purchase Patron (Membership) or Aurum from here, or access a helpful Menu!  
  • Some mission solutions may require searching on the internet.  Secret World Legends features an in-game web browser, opened with the “B” key or from the ‘topbar’ Menu.  


Please check out the Official Forums, or come chat with developers and players alike in our Official Discord server!   Our community hubs feature a wealth of guides, discussions, and other information, courtesy of our excellent community.  

Especially check out the “Orochi Labs” section and the stickied post “Consolidated list of Gameplay Guides” for links to newbie guides, weapon and build guides, and more!

Contact Customer Support or access the FAQ database by typingthe command “/petition” into the in-game chat window, or select the ‘Help’ section of the ‘topbar’ Menu ingame.

Thanks for choosing Secret World Legends! We hope this quick guide helps you on your way towards keeping darkness away.

the Secret World Legends team

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