Update 2.3.3 Patch Notes


Krampusnacht 2019: Winter Event Dec. 12 – Jan. 2

Behold a winter wonderland! Starting December 12th through January 2nd, Krampusnacht returns to Secret World Legends!

Deadly champion creatures mark their return throughout the world, requiring extra leg (or brain)-work to coax them from hiding! Accept bounty missions from the Paragon activity board in Agartha to begin your tasks.

The Krampus Gate is open once again, ushering an invasion of the vile Krampus – defeat them and take the battle to Niflheim itself. Hel, queen of Niflheim, returns in two forms: one as the guardian of her realm, and another as a public raid in Agartha.

The Winter 2019 update also includes new permanent features and improvements:

Challenge Timelines

Outside Dark Agartha awaits a new NPC: the “Shady Salesman”. Every day, he sells access to different Challenge Timelines – treacherous threads of possibilities within Dark Agartha – with greater potential rewards (including a new outfit) but also greater difficulty.

Resplendent Talisman Imbuers

Dark Agartha now drops fragments of Resplendent (Tier 4) Talisman Imbuers, which may be used to unlock even greater potential within talismans.

Expanded Difficulty Options

For those thrill-seeking agents pursuing even greater challenges, you may go past Elite difficulty 11 (provided you have the gear) in Dark Agartha and ranking missions!

Arsenals of Agartha

New “Arsenal” caches may now drop across the world, separate from existing caches. These caches are distinguished by their focus on new weapons and unique talismans. The first available arsenal is the Dark Agartha Arsenal, containing three new unique talismans and two sets of new weapons!

Writing Contest Agents

The winning entires of the Agent Writing Contest – Elin Bagge, Rana Kader, Walker Malone, and ‘The Cleaner’ – are now available from the Shadow Trafficker in Agartha for Hexcoins.


Increased the maximum Elite level for these activities to Elite 17:

  • Dark Agartha
  • Faction Ranking Missions – Into Darkness, Venetian Missile Crisis, Rogue Agent
  • Seasonal Missions – Fog and Mirrors, The Broadcast


  • Rogue Agent – Reanimated Remains can no longer be attacked before they have finished standing up.


  • Dr Caligari now sells the Peculiar Box and another oddity he insists is related, a “Lucky Pachinko Ball”.


  • Dark Agartha now supports Elite 11+. Good luck!


  • Elementalism – Flicker’s passive “Volatile Current” will now deal damage the second time Flicker is used against the same enemy.
  • Shotgun – Fire at Will should now properly reload Shotgun Shells under all circumstances


  • Elite dungeon chests will no longer drop agent dossiers for players who are eligible to queue for a difficulty more than 3 levels above the dungeon’s current difficulty.


  • Can upgrade Agent Fearghas Abernathy to shiny.
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