Dark Agartha: Deep Dive


We stand at the end of all. Chaos and darkness reign, the ravaged remains of Gaia now infested with extradimensional interlopers known only as The Wandering Others. Something, or someone, has called upon you to enter this timeline and race to the end.  At what cost, or for what reason, is unknown. It’s up to you to discover the truth.

Dark Agartha is accessible once you reach Level 50.  To begin your expeditions, visit a Bounty Board in regular Agartha to be assigned a mission that guides you to the entrance.  

There are no jump pads nor easy access points to this platform – you’ll need to take a leap of faith.  Gaia may not necessarily want to stop you from entering, but certainly doesn’t wish to assist you getting there!



Once inside the portal, you’ll find your path impeded by turbulent energies.  While your first-ever visit is free, all future attempts require a fee to cross into darkness. The price: a portion of your Anima, in the form of AP and SP.

What challenges await you in Dark Agartha?  Intense, one-on-one battles with The Wandering Others, each fight designed to challenge the wits and skills of even the most seasoned agents!  You may expect four such encounters in each foray into Dark Agartha, followed by a fifth and final encounter with a certain someone…

Now, even when attuned to the timeline, your link to Dark Agartha is tenuous…at best.  As such, you only have 17 minutes to complete your mission!  Additionally, dying loosens your foothold in the timeline, allowing you three total attempts in Dark Agartha before you’re ejected.  Should you fail to complete your run, you may re-attune yourself to the timeline (and pay the AP + SP) to try again.


When you triumph in Dark Agartha, you may re-enter the next day…and face new challenges each time!  Actions taken every day affect the future, causing a different timestream to be attuned every day, randomizing and shuffling – not only changing what creature you may face, but their skills and supplemental effects during the encounter.  While the final challenge is always against the same entity, the way they engage you may yet differ.

This also means you may face the same type of adversary on different days, but how you approach the challenge may change altogether.


Dark Agartha is intended to be a serious challenge for hardened players, but there’s ways to gain the upper hand.  An ill-fated Custodian at Dark Agartha’s entrance holds a stock of consumable items you can purchase to assist in your mission! These items range from extra lives, extended time limits, and temporary power boosts.    

What can you expect out of Dark Agartha?  To begin, you can look forward to Elaborate Glyph Imbuers that can jack your Glyphs up to a new, 4th power tier!  

Later, you can expect a similar treatment for Talismans, too…

We hope you all take in the terrible beauty of Dark Agartha and the universe as we know it turned into a rotting graveyard.  Good luck in the timestream, and we’ll see you soon enough for the holidays!

-The Secret World Legends team

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