The Winter Cache Returns!

The Winter Cache is now dropping across the world! This arctic and frost-themed cache features an Outfit, Pet, Mount, and a full set of Extraordinary Weapons!

Winter Cache replaces the Oni War Cache.  The Oni War Cache, as with all previous caches, may still be traded and opened for their advertised contents.

Winter Cache Potential contents:
• Arctic Survey Drone pet
• Rocket-Powered Hoversled mount
• Arctic Explorer outfit
• Frost-Bound weapon Mk III
• Extraordinary weapon Mk II+
• Purified Weapon Distillate
• Purified Talisman Distillate
• Purified Glyph Distillate
• Purified Signet Distillate

Additional contents:

• Pile of Snowballs
• Pure Anima Potions
• Third Age Fragments

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