Patch Notes 2.3.5 (Spring Equinox 2020)


Spring Equinox 2020: March 17th – March 31st

The Envoys of Avalon return to Agartha, seeking your aid in tuning the Stonehenge Occult Defense training module. They offer new rewards this year, ranging from daily login items (including a new free Agent) to a tantalizing outfit: The Attire of Avalon! This event-exclusive outfit is a free reward if you complete 100 waves of Occult Defence.

Even if you don’t quite hit 100 waves, don’t worry! The outfit becomes available for purchase from the Quartermaster for a limited time after the Equinox event ends. The price of the outfit scales based on how many waves you completed! The closer you were to 100 waves, the less the outfit costs.

Additionally, Druid of Avalon agent boosters are 50% off during this event!


  • You may now purchase up to 10 additional inventory expansions and 7 additional bank expansions!


  • Expediting an Agent mission now costs Marks of Favour instead of Aurum; overall cost reduced.


  • Added “Show defeated champions” option. This will display a greyed out skull with no name text (to be less obtrusive) for champions you have already defeated. It is located at Interface Options > HUD Display.


  • Damaged Gatekeeper’s Static Cling and its associated achievement now properly interact with Signet of Contortion. When dodging with this signet equipped, it is considered to be a successful dodge for the achievement criteria and simultaneously removes the Static Cling snare/debuff without inflicting damage.
  • Fixed an issue with Wistful Flame that prevented it from behaving as intended, and prevented it from being selected when rolling modules.
  • These abilities can no longer be cast by bosses while the Toxic Spores event is ongoing:
    • Hell’s Sword
    • Contained Contagion
    • Unleashed Contagion
    • Echoing Wail
  • These modules can now delay Toxic Spores from activating until their effects have finished:
    • Tear the Veil
    • Hell’s Sword
    • Contained Contagion
    • Unleashed Contagion
    • Forked Pitch (does not wait for all fire to have vanished, only waits for enough fire to vanish to guarantee there will be a safe spot to stand)
    • Echoing Wail
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