Spring Equinox 2020

Spring Equinox 2020: March 17th – March 31st

The Envoys of Avalon return to Agartha, seeking your aid in tuning the Stonehenge Occult Defense training module. They offer new rewards this year, ranging from daily login items (including a new free Agent) to a tantalizing outfit: The Attire of Avalon! This event-exclusive outfit is a free reward if you complete 100 waves of Occult Defence.

Even if you don’t quite hit 100 waves, don’t worry! The outfit becomes available for purchase from the Quartermaster for a limited time after the Equinox event ends. The price of the outfit scales based on how many waves you completed! The closer you were to 100 waves, the less the outfit costs.

Additionally, Druid of Avalon agent boosters are 50% off during this event!

If this is your first foray into the Envoys of Avalon event, great! On each equinox, the druids of Avalon send their envoys to forge alliances with other Secret Worlders. For a limited time, you’ll be able to find Druids of Avalon in Agartha as they help usher you to the training simulation. You’ll discover event-exclusive legends and get a chance at special loot, including agent dossiers.

Seek them out in the center of Agartha!

First time in Stonehenge Occult Defence? Also great! Your mission: Defend the Hagstone, the ancient artifact laying at the heart of Stonehenge. This artifact draws power from the the world’s ley lines and works to conceal and protect Stonehenge and the Druids’ home from danger. Should the Hagstone’s integrity be compromised, it’s fission mailed – so keep it together!

What threats will you face in the simulation? Just endless, unpredictable waves of monsters trying to destroy the objective, that’s all.  You will need to keep enemies away from the central objective – an enemy simply being near the occult focus is enough to damage it. If you survive a wave, you have an opportunity to halt the simulation and collect your compensation, or you can carry on and raise the danger level.

Stonehenge is available for solo play or in groups up to 5! You may queue for Stonehenge using the Activity Finder (Shift + V).

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