3rd Anniversary Event: June 25 – July 16

TRANSMIT – initiate the tripled triumph of the triumvirates’ trinity  – RECEIVE – initiate nine-point-four-six-one-to the seventh power – PERFECTLY BALANCED, AS ALL THINGS SHOULD BE? – as the paradigm shifts – WITNESS – The Third Anniversary!

Our tiny blue marble has made it around its sun once more, sweetlings! Another fantastic year filled to the brim by your dedication and passion for all things Secret World.  Much love to you all!

We’re kicking off the third anniversary celebration from June 25 to July 16th!

What to expect this year:

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MEGAversary 3: A Very MEGA Sequel! Is a collective of community-run events beginning June 24th through July 7th, with prize support from Funcom!  To see what all is going on (and there’s a lot!!!), check out the MEGAversary Megathread HERE! 

Special Daily Event Login Rewards – Log in to receive a free special gift every day during the event, including a new motorcycle mount and a Glyph Exchanger!  What’s a Glyph Exchanger?  A new consumable that lets you swap a glyph into another type, retaining its level and experience!

The Talos of Gaia – The Immaculate Machine gives you treats, sweetling. She excretes life into hulking husks of matter and energy! Discover and play with one of 11 Talos of Gaia through the event portals in Agartha.  

These golems will cycle in a fashion that will allow everyone to eventually see all 11 golems, even if you only have time to play for 1 boss fight per day.

Defeating the Talos will allow you to open the Buzzing Hive, an extra item you get every day alongside event login rewards!  Plus, the Talos have a chance at dropping items to fill out your Museum of the Occult!

Shards of Corruption – The crystallized quintessence of corruption and rage lies at the heart of each Talos.  The Gatekeeper may have a use for them…

Anniversary Cache – It’s back, bay-bee!

The Party’s Back – Agartha is dressed up for the occasion with party favors and destructible piñatas you can smack for free loot!  

Seasonal Legends – Discover the Legends of the Talos, available only during the anniversary event!

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