Dungeon and Raid Rebalance

It’s heeeere!  The massive dungeon and raid rebalance now live!  This is one of the biggest updates for Secret World Legends EVER, and we sincerely appreciate all the feedback and help everyone provided during testing!

If this is all new to you, hey, no worries – just keep on reading.  We’ll do our best to summarize the key points for the update, although you’ll still want to wade through the colossal patch notes for full details on what to expect.  There’s nearly 9,000 words of changes, so…well, you might be reading for a little while. 

Let’s dive in!


All characters are receiving 9 Polymorphic Glyph Exchangers via Delivered Items.  These will let you update your glyphs to suit your desired role.  That’s right, glyphs having meaning for tanks now!


The Loot Key system has been reworked!  

  • Dungeons, Scenarios, and Lairs no longer require keys to obtain loot.
  • When completing a Dungeon, Scenario, or after killing a Lair boss, a Patron’s Chest will appear near the standard loot chest.
  •  One of each type of Patron’s Chest can be opened per day by Patrons.
  • The Patron Chests award 1 guaranteed special distillate (Energized or Purified), Anima Shards, and varying useful items (like Distillate Shifters or Catalysts), exclusive cosmetics, or even 3 new agents. 

Cache Keys still remain in the game and Patrons continue to receive 1 Cache Key per day.


We are capping the Occult Defence leaderboard for highest wave due to the myriad of systemic changes that directly influence Occult Defence.  We look forward to seeing the new highest wave that the players can reach.

You may now queue up to Dungeon Elite difficulty 17!  

We’ve merged queues across several ranges, so there aren’t 17 separate queues.  The ranges are as follows:

 * Elite 1 – 2

  * Elite 3 – 4

  * Elite 5 – 7

  * Elite 8 – 10

  * Elite 11 – 13

  * Elite 14 – 16

  * Elite 17

“Nightmare” mechanics now begin at Elite 8.

Additional mechanics now begin at Elite 14!  Surprise!

New Achievements have been added at Elite 17.

The Penthouse encounter from TSW has returned and updated for SWL!  This encounter is accessible from Elite 11 and higher.  

Solo and Duo Seek and Preserve Scenarios are available up to Elite 17.

Manhattan Exclusion Zone has an Elite 17-only version with its own unique mechanics and loot!


We’ve added several new crafting items and adjusted distillate values across the board.  

Recovering glyphs and signets costs 4,000 MoF for a red item.  The price scales down for lower quality items. This change is already Live, but included here for completeness.

Many signets, talismans, and weapon affixes have received balance adjustments.  We’ve also added a couple new signets and an entire new set of Talismans!


Healing and Tanking have received major changes and was one of the primary focuses of this update.  

Healers have been shifted to a more tactical playstyle to make their abilities and Elites feel more impactful while achieving new balance.  This also includes adjusting how Healing Anima Allocation works – you’ll want to allocate 51% or more of your Anima to Healing to take advantage of the new mechanics.

Tanking has received an overhaul and manu tank-related abilities and passives have been redesigned or outright replaced to give each tank weapon a unique flavor and focus.  All bonus hate generation from Abilities, Passives, and Items have been REMOVED – instead, Survivability Anima Allocation provides bonus threat.  

Additionally, all nine weapons have received significant changes.  Some weapons may even be completely different from what you’re used to!


We’ve also made some adjustments to your Ultimate Ability, Healing Potions, and solo survival passives.  

That’s the tl;dr, now here’s the full update notes – grab a comfy seat and dig in:


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