Update 2.1.5 Patch Notes

By funcom | December 12, 2017

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS The new Winter Cache is now dropping across the world! This arctic and frost-themed cache features a new Outfit, Pet, Mount, and a full set of Extraordinary Weapons! Winter Cache replaces Haunted Cache drops in the world. Haunted Cache, as with all previous caches, may still be traded and opened for their advertised…

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Autumn Sale: Select Items up to 80% Off

By funcom | November 16, 2017

Celebrate the season with our Autumn Sale! Select items are up to 80% off starting November 16th through November 27th. See below for details: FUSION Item Discount Talisman Anima Imbuer 25% Weapon Anima Imbuer 25% Glyph Anima Imbuer 25% Glyph Fusion Catalyst 25% EMOTES Emote Discount Bingo Blast 70% Hitman Lean 50% Billie Jean 50%…

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Quality of Life Improvements

By andyb | November 14, 2017

Glyph and Signet Recovery Discount With the release of the Anima Allocation system, we understand you may want to experiment with glyphs and signets in your builds. For a limited time, all costs on removing glyphs and signets from gear are reduced by 80%!  This is in addition to the scaling cost changes in this…

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Introducing: Anima Allocation

By andyb | November 14, 2017

Anima Allocation The times are-a-changing, sweetlings.  Any good agent needs to be able to improvise, adapt, and overcome–and right now that’s not always so easy to do.  Anima Allocation is our answer; to allow you to remain flexible in your adventures and put control over your character’s statistics into your hands. Beginning at Level 20,…

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Update 2.1.4 Patch Notes

By funcom | November 14, 2017

HIGHLIGHTS: Introducing Anima Allocation The power of Anima is yours to control. Beginning at Level 20 you may access a new tab in your Ability Window (N), allowing you to customize and fine-tune combat stats to adapt to any situation. Click here to learn more about Anima Allocation! Quality of Life Improvements Your feedback means…

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Extra Life 2017: November 4th

By andyb | November 1, 2017

Hello everyone!  My name is Andy Benditt, Community Manager for Secret World Legends. I’m here announcing our support of Extra Life and Game Day 2017 on Saturday, November 4th beginning 10:00 AM EDT! Update Nov. 6: As of today, the Secret World Legends community has collectively raised over $17,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through…

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Spooktacular Halloween Fashion Contest

By andyb | October 24, 2017

Thank you all for coming out for the show on Saturday! Over 100 unique applicants participated in the show, and our instance of Agartha was poppin’ (seriously, it was pop locked) for a solid 4+ hours while we beat feat on the runway.  Choosing the winners was tough; congratulations to all!  We ran five total…

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Samhain 2017 – Ends Nov. 1 @ 9:00 AM EDT / 13:00 GMT

By funcom | October 18, 2017

Halloween is Here! Beginning October 18th through the 31st, you’re invited to a grand celebration of all things spooky, wicked, and fun: Samhain 2017! Collect exclusive mounts, pets, and costumes, fight in a killer public raid, and solve new missions!   Log in during the event for sweet free rewards, including the Geist Rider mount!…

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Update 2.1.3 Patch Notes

By funcom | October 17, 2017

NOVEMBER 1 MINI-UPDATE Reduced the number of gourds featured on the login screen. Mysterious Jack-o’-Lanterns can now be used to gain 1,000 Anima Shards.

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Tokyo: Orochi Tower

By funcom | October 11, 2017

Come on in, Chuck. The way is clear, the path open. Of its hundred ghostly tales, Kaidan has but one final story to tell: The Orochi Tower. Ascend.  Battle through floor after floor.  Discover the truth behind the Orochi Corporation and its “research”, of the rabbit-hooded killer, of John, of Lilith…and of something even bigger.…

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