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SEPTEMBER 29, 2017

Hello again!  This has actually been a ‘slow’ week in terms of major news updates, but we’ve been working on the next content update–nearly all available resources are being focused on the Orochi Tower update & Halloween content, so this digest can be considered more of a “patch preview” than the usual info & hotfix summary.


  • Beyond the Veil interviewed Romain “Tilty” Amiel, Game Director for Secret World Legends –  This two-hour podcast recording is probably worth listening to, or you can refer to some of the summary notes on the subreddit (thanks, dafzor).  Many of the things Romain goes over will be touched upon in this digest.
  • Tokyo: Orochi Tower – Just to get this out of the way, we’re aiming at launching Tokyo: Orochi Tower in the second week of October, which is a slight slip from the Dev Roadmap, but the update itself is cramming a lot of things together.  The Dev Roadmap has been updated to reflect this.  Included in the Orochi Tower update is, of course, the Orochi Tower itself and its associated storyline.
  • Tokyo Lair – The never-before-released lair region of Kaidan is now planned to be available with the launch of the next update.  This lair is a traditional Japanese temple ground located in the very northeastern corner of Kaidan and features a few new monster types and challenges.  Also planned here is the availability of the elusive wrist signet, which enhance a special ability awarded when you finish the Orochi Tower storyline.  Ooh, mysterious!
  • Halloween – SWL’s first Halloween/Samhain event festivities are coming up real soon, and will be available shortly after Tokyo: Orochi Tower goes live.  We’ll provide a much more detailed description of what to expect later next week, but here’s the quick-and-dirty for now:
    • Special event raids and rewards similar to Whispering Tide
    • Everything to do about cats
    • and…
  • A New Cache – The Future-Tech cache is being cycled out for a new Halloween-themed cache with new items real soon; probably with the Orochi Tower update.  This means that the cache-themed vendors will cycle their current wares out for the newest stock, so please plan accordingly.  Any existing Future-Tech caches “in the wild” may still be traded and opened for a chance at their advertised contents, but will no longer drop after the next cache arrives.


  • We are reviewing all passive abilities and removing the penalty from damage-dealing potential by virtue of being an AoE attack. The reasoning behind this is for consistency across all weapon passives and to allow for more build options in non-AoE fights.  Generally speaking, we’ll see an increase in damage dealt by all weapon types, particularly Assault Rifles.  Since ARs don’t have a single-target option for grenades, we’re removing the AoE “penalty” from Grenade active abilities as well.  This should allow Assault Rifles to be a more competitive damage dealing weapon across all encounter types.
  • Spirit Blade damage is being adjusted to scale with the type of Blade ability being used.  Spirit Blade will deal more damage when used in conjunction with expensive abilities such as Dancing Blade and Tempest.  Conversely, Spirit Blade will do less damage when used with a basic attack like Flowing Strike.
  • Generic weapon non-specific signets are being improved across the board, increasing their overall value and the amount of additional damage they confer when equipped.
  • Lots more stuff best left for patch notes!


  • Shift + F1 through F5 will allow you to select a member of the second team in a raid.
  • Scrolling through defensive targets will soon scroll through the entire raid, not just your team.
  • Raid teams will be specifically sorted in the GUI so that the raid leader team is first, followed by the other team.
  • We’re going to reward a little bit extra to the team that summons a Lair Megaboss.
  • Fixing some kill credit errors in bounty missions.
  • Fixing an issue caused by defeating an encounter in My Bloody Valentine too quickly.
  • While we’re not ready to go into more details about plans to address gearing issues for Healers and Tanks, we hope to be able to talk more about it in the near future.


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