The Buzzing: Info Roundups

OCTOBER 20th, 2017

I got it in on a Friday! Woot!


  • Playstream – We ran another goofy stream today, introducing Brian, aka “Frigidstorm”, a longtime staffer at Funcom that has bounced between Customer Support and Quality Assurance; positions that can at times be challenging and thankless, but worthy of respect.  We a look at the current Halloween event, Hide and Shriek, and had general tomfoolery.  Tilty also decided to pop in and give one of his patented Tilteases in the middle of the stream! You can watch the recording on our twitch channel here.
  • Halloween event – Samhain 2017 is in full swing. You get a Geist Rider mount as your first daily login reward and you can look forward to an Imbuer at the end! Hourly raids let you fight Jack for a bunch of extra rewards, and you can run The Meowling/Cat God for chances at various kinds of cats.  The event runs through the 31st.
  • Oct 17 Patch – We fixed a bunch of things on the 17th, including missing Legends, mission rewards, and fixed a major issue with Blade’s Chi generation. Read the patch notes here!
  • Hide and Shriek – Surprise! Last year’s 1v1 multiplayer Halloween minigame is now permanently free for everyone to play.  Go check out our, uh, inspired new trailer and behold the new official key art that features Nicole and myself’s faces.  This is our life now.
  • Costume Show – Beyond the Veil is teaming up with us for a costume show in Agartha on Saturday, October 28th at 2:00 PM EDT.  I’ll be sponsoring official prizes and streaming the whole thing then! Get dressed up and maybe win a cool thing or two.  Exact details to come early next week.


  • Tilty so kindly showed a little somethin’ somethin’on the stream we’ve been working on for a little while, due in November. We’re not ready to shed the light on it yet but you probably know what it’s about if you’ve been paying any attention. 🙂
  • On a related note, we’re planning a major QoL Update due November. Topics include Elementalism, the aforementioned tease, and other oft-requested improvements. Details are still being finalized, but we really want to make sure y’all know you’re seen and heard on a lot of topics such as gearing, how the game teaches you concepts, drops, itemization, and other features we’d like to squeeze in. MORE SOON I PROMISE


  • Tokyo Regional boss (the boar)’s column dash AoE will be fixed up.
  • Melee Crit issues with Jack will be fixed in another upcoming cleanup patch.
  • After this past Friday’s patch, once you finish The Meowling, all you need is the Cat God mission in order to open the portal. Nobody “owns” the portal; it’s just a portal that you can enter if you’re on the mission to fight The Cat God.  You don’t need to re-do The Meowling for each run of The Cat God you want to do.
  • Ice Beam’s listed damage in its tooltip is higher than it actually is.  The damage being dealt is intended, but what it’s telling you is not–so we’ll fix that up.
  • Solutions for Filth Guardians #7 and #8 are being looked into.




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