The Buzzing: Info Roundups

October 6, 2017

This week’s update is going to mostly mirror last week, as all our attention is devoted to this month’s content before we can really start talking about bigger stuff like the upcoming Agent System, Dark Agartha, new story/location, solutions for gearing woes from healers, etc.  I’m hoping we can pop the lid on details soon.


  • Devstream: October 6 – This week’s stream shows off what to expect with the upcoming Orochi Tower and Lair release and also fully reveals the contents of the upcoming cache.  Watch the recording HERE, or read Rovena’s summary from SWLRP HERE.
  • Tokyo: Orochi Tower – Set to launch the middle of next week, this update wraps up the Tokyo storyline by tasking you to ascend the update’s namesake building.  The tower itself features over 20 sections that explore all eight Orochi subsidiaries and just what the heck they’ve been working on behind closed doors.  One you complete the tower, you are awarded an Ultimate Ability with a special visual effect that changes depending on the choices you made through the rest of the story.
  • Kantoku Temple – The gates to Kantoku Temple, Tokyo’s lair region, open up along with the path to the Orochi Tower.  This lair features new monster types and will have missions, boss summons, regional bosses, and even megaboss summons unique to its grounds, and is the source of the elusive wrist signet.  Wrist signets augment your Ultimate ability.
  • Halloween – SWL’s first Halloween/Samhain event is planned to arrive the week after the Orochi Tower release.  We’re putting finishing touches on the event now, and you’ll probably become quite aware of it real soon!  We’ll go into more details about what to expect next week, once the Orochi Tower launches.
  • Haunted Cache – The Future-Tech cache is being cycled out for the new Haunted Cache with the update.  This means that the cache-themed vendors will cycle their current wares out for the newest stock, so please plan accordingly.  Any existing Future-Tech caches “in the wild” may still be traded and opened for a chance at their advertised contents, but will no longer drop after the next cache arrives.  Also, spiders.  Spiders everywhere.
  • Extra Life 2017 will be a thing we do stuff for.  It won’t be a grand ordeal but we’ve got a custom in-game t-shirt for those that participate in charity drives this November.


  • We are moving forward with plans on a possible solution for dedicated support players with regards to DPS and survivability doing solo content but we cannot speak more until it’s ready.
  • We are reviewing all passive abilities and removing the penalty from damage-dealing potential by virtue of being an AoE attack. The reasoning behind this is for consistency across all weapon passives and to allow for more build options in non-AoE fights.  Generally speaking, we’ll see an increase in damage dealt by all weapon types, particularly Assault Rifles.  Since ARs don’t have a single-target option for grenades, we’re removing the AoE “penalty” from Grenade active abilities as well.  This should allow Assault Rifles to be a more competitive damage dealing weapon across all encounter types.  (Repost from last week because it’s important to note)
  • Spirit Blade damage is being adjusted to scale with the type of Blade ability being used.  Spirit Blade will deal more damage when used in conjunction with expensive abilities such as Dancing Blade and Tempest.  Conversely, Spirit Blade will do less damage when used with a basic attack like Flowing Strike. (Repost from last week because it’s important to note)


  • Our FX Artist is looking for feedback and suggestions on neat visual effects or particle effects you’d like to see in SWL. He made a survey which you can fill out HERE (Please note that all suggestions are considered but we cannot feasibly promise to implement them all).
  • We are considering adding a Droid Arm weapon skin based on popular demand after the silly bug from Bank Heist was fixed.  It might not work for Hammers, though.
  • We’re fixing an issue where Slashed back fitted shirts would break female arms.  Huzzah!
  • Friendly snipers not assisting players on some scenario maps will be fixed.
  • The Castle scenario is receiving some numbers tweaks to bring its difficulty more in line with other scenarios.



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