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Hey all!  We’re swapping our weekly news roundups onto our main site so it’s more centralized and also helps cut down on formatting requirements.  I’m already a day late (again) anyway so let’s get into it:


  • We had the Stream!  We introduced Gavin, a.k.a. Naysmith to the world.  Naysmith is one of our systems designers working alongside Mags, Mussagana, and an as-of-yet unexposed dev.  They crunch numbers and make stuff happen per design specifications.  We talked a lot about the new Kaidan Shipping Containers and the goals of the system, plus a whole slew balance stuff which we’ll go into later. Go watch it HERE or read Rovena’s excellent summary from HERE
  • Tokyo: Beyond the Wall is out!  This update expanded Kaidan to its southern half, notably including the Docks and Living Quarters, plus the continuation of the story.  We had a few issues with the update but most of that has been cleaned up.  Bank Heist remains disabled until we can get a fix patch out sometime next week.
  • The Mission Inventory is now live.  This was an oft-requested feature, and is a separate inventory exclusively for mission items and won’t count against your total inventory space.
  • The Emote UI is now live.  In addition to using emotes through traditional chat commands, there is now a GUI element allowing you to search and use emotes directly from the interface.
  • The Legacy Transfer is back! This cosmetics-only version of the service is now available for all eligible players as of September 21st, 2017.  In order to be eligible for this service, you need to have had a TSW account made on or before June 22nd, 2017 and are playing on a SWL account created from that.  This service allows you to copy most of your clothing, emotes, sprints, and pets over from TSW.  There is no time limit or cutoff date for this, but you can only run the copy ONCE per account.  Please read the associated articles CAREFULLY for full details on how it all works.  For assistance or questions with your account, please contact customer service.


  • Tokyo: Orochi Tower is coming up next.  This is the last chapter of the Kaidan storyline.  The tower’s gameplay flow is going to be different from the classic tower; you’ll need to do more floors in a more linear fashion, and you can expect to see a couple small gameplay changes and references to things that weren’t in TSW.
  • The Tokyo Lair is coming along at a great pace and will be launched after Tokyo: Orochi Tower goes live.  The lair is located at the northeastern corner of Kaidan and will feature a couple brand-new enemy types not seen elsewhere.
  • We are planning some significant changes to AoE ability balance in the near future.  Generally speaking, we’re looking to improve the damage dealt by AoE abilities across the board; internally, AoE abilities were “penalized” damage-dealing ability by virtue of being an AoE attack, and this penalty will likely end up being removed.  This has significant implications for many we apons, especially Assault Rifles, and we’ll see a general increase in damage dealt to enemies.
  • We are also planning some changes to Blade mechanics, focusing on improving scaling on the weapon’s speciality, skills, and abilities.


  • We know some folks were disappointed with recent changes to Eye of the Storm in relation to some other, similar skills.  One thing we need to stress is that balance in a game of this scope is going to be a fluid, ever-changing element, and it’s important to know that nothing is ever set in stone.  The other side of that coin is that we need to allow changes time to breathe and propagate and see how they affect things in the grand scheme.  The above changes, among other things, will address many concerns that have been popular with the community, and we have more plans and ideas on how to address broader concerns that have popped up–which we agree with, and are investigating possible solutions for.   Thanks for your patience.
  • Bank Heist is currently disabled and will be fixed in another quick patch next week.
  • Some Kaidan monsters aren’t being tracked properly by some Kaidan Bounty Missions.
  • Basic PvP outfits transferred from TSW should become available in the dressing room in a future update.  Previously, only the ranked outfits were available from the vanity transfer.



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