The Buzzing: Info Roundups

Week ending November 3

We didn’t have any kind of roundup last week, but we were finally able to take the lid off of a major new system today; let’s get into things.


  • Big Devstream today! Lots of folks tuned in to see what’s coming up next; we dumped a ton of info on y’all, and Rovena of wrote up an awesome summary HERE.  Anima-Nation also has a stream overview HERE. You can watch the recording HERE.  Summary:
    • We’re making significant improvements to Elementalism.  The goal of these changes is to make the experience more fun in the early game and endgame; we found that players starting out were overheating too quickly due to lack of heat management options, and those in lategame were simply underperforming. To this, we’re reducing the amount of heat generated by fire and lightning attacks, and increasing the heat dissipation from cold attacks. Additionally, we’re changing some heat management passives to include damage increases, which makes the choices more interesting and exciting for the Elementalist.
    • We’re boosting rewards from general activities across the board.  A new set of weapon-specific belts with special effects will drop in the world alongside caches, and Elite Dungeons & Bosses/Lairs/Scenarios will simply drop more stuff per box.  More Anima Shards will be dropped from these sources; to even things out, Anima Shards from Tokyo Containers will be reduced slightly.
    • Extraordinary items are receiving buffs to their effects nearly across the board.  We’re also going to have Empowerment transfer a portion (~40%) of the XP you put into a sacrificed item to be carried over into the Empowered item so not as much resources are lost in the transition.
    • If you claim your daily rewards and then become a Patron, you will still get your key and reduced mission cooldowns.  Huzzah!
    • A bunch of bugfixes as usual
    • Last but not least…

      • Hoo boy, this is the big one.  So, this is the system we’ve been working on to help alleviate some of the gearing concerns that Healers and Tanks have expressed.  Available once you hit level 20, this system will allow you to set a ratio of Damage/Survivability/Healing on your equipped gear, basically meaning you can change your stats on the fly.  This does mean that we have to squish items to have a single “Power” stat which can be scaled to your Anima Allocation, although the Extraordinary effects on Talismans and Weapons remain intact, meaning you’ll still be able to utilize gear for a specific role–but you’ll be able to be more flexible for the encounters you’re facing, particularly challenging solo content.  We still intend for some specialization in gear, so signets and glyphs will not be directly affected by this system.
    • We aim to have all this out in November.
  • The Halloween Fashion show was a blast! Over 100 unique contests participated to strut their stuff and population-lock our Agartha Instance for nearly 4 straight hours.  Here are your winners.  🙂
  • Extra Life’s Game Day 2017 was a ton of fun!  Collectively, the SWL community raised $17,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and the year’s not even over. Read here on how it all works and how to get involved.


  • Missing or difficult-to-get Lore like Spectres #4 and #6 or Filth Guardians #7 and #8 will be made easier to obtain or actually possible.  Huzzah!
  • Some commonly-reported issues with some Museum items like the Cog and Scale (among other things) are being investigated and hopefully wrapped up.
  • While it may not make it into the upcoming QoL update, we’re aware of concerns with some of the reward outfits such as Goon, Crusader, etc.  We’ll get Goon Boots itemized in the near future, but it may be the case that some outfits are intended to not have a shirt option.  
  • Some fixes to the AR Specialization display are coming (to address some known crashes)
  • Aspect of the Savage Dream charge damage is happening at weird times and we’ll fix it.
  • Lots more stuff in the upcoming patch


Thanks, Origami Soldier!


Flappy Halloween! (My SWL pumpkin carving) from SecretWorldLegends



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