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October 13/14

The greatest time of year is nearly upon us–Halloween!  Orochi Tower and Kantoku Temple are in the wild, and Halloween is coming up next!  Sorry for the late post.  Let’s get into things:


Nicole and I had a grand ol’ time storming the tower on our community stream Friday.  We’re going to start doing streams that aren’t just dev streams with big info dumps (although the devstreams will continue), and we appreciate the gang that hung out with us.  We hope you had a good time messing around with us!

Tokyo: Orochi Tower is out! This is the third and final update to the Tokyo region.  The update includes the conclusion of the main storyline up through Tokyo and adds a new lair to the northeast, rife with difficult creatures. The lair features wrist signets which augment your Ultimate Ability, which can be obtained once you complete the Orochi Tower storyline.

The Haunted Cache is out!  This spider-themed cache gives chances at an outfit (which many of you have been raving about), a spider pet, a spider motorbike, some Halloween-themed talismans, and other stuff.  This cache will remain in rotation for several weeks, and we’ll make it a point again to announce the end of the cache’s run ahead of time.

Halloween is approaching!  SWL’s first Halloween event begins Wednesday, the 18th. You can expect a couple seasonal missions and a public raid encounter in Agartha.  You’ll also get extra login rewards just for playing during the event.  For those of you wondering about seasonal cosmetic items we’ve had from past years in TSW, a bunch of them should be available as potential rewards and purchases this year in SWL.

Social Media Rewards are out!  Stay connected and get free stuff for signing up–these are what the new “Community Rewards” items that recently popped up are.  There’s a couple more that aren’t available yet, but will be soon!  All these items are permanent and account-wide, including the Grim Glamour items–they’re just uniforms you equip via the Dressing Room.


We’re still working on gearing concerns from Healers and Tanks for solo content.  We’re taking our time since we want to make this right, so it may be a little while longer.

We’re keeping an eye out on various weapon types and noting feedback and data on their general performance. We might take a look at Elementalism next.

We’re planning to add a Museum teleport in the future! Yay!


We have fixes inbound on Ultimate keybinds not looking right, as well as the wrong color being shown to other players.

A bunch of fixes for inaccessible Tokyo Legends are coming.

A fix for hot bar icons being grayed-out after a hotbar swap (Fist Fury consumers, Elementalism heat, some mounts, etc) is coming.

The “502 bad gateway” error when trying to access daily rewards is caused by outdated mods trying to access the old system (which doesn’t exist anymore). You’ll need to wait for the mod authors to update for the new rewards system.

Some tweaks to Tokyo Lair-related creatures are incoming, including reducing the damage of Hitodama Confluence (Tokyo’s Lair Megaboss)’s AoEs. We’re also fixing the regional boss summoning requirements to be in line with other regions (will require only 1 essence to summon, instead of the current 5)

Fixes to some Orochi Tower stuff is also inbound, such as the Sycoil 44/43 mixup.

OTHER COOL STUFF (aka Andy’s Art Dump)

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